Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitchen Renovation Part I

This renovation has taken forever. Well, not really, more like a month, Which is forever when it’s your kitchen people. And it’s still not done. I’m so ready for the contractors and painter to be out of my house!

So here is to introducing you to our kitchen/breakfast nook/sunken sitting room. Sunshine threw up in there when we first bought the house. No joke. The yellow was blinding. (like that?) Unfortunately, you aren't going to get the full yellow effect since we didn't take pictures until part of the walls were already painted in the nook/sunken sitting room.

Hadleigh is somewhere in 4 of these pictures - let's play "Where's Hadleigh" :)

 <-- Looking from the kitchen
into the nook & sunken

Looking from foyer
into the nook & sunken room -->
hi Hadleigh!

<--Hallway by sunken room looking towards kitchen 
see Hadleigh's head?
notice the ugly hallway light...the upgrade is awesome - stay tuned!

Sunken Sitting Room -->

<-- Nook

Kitchen from Nook -->
Check out those tile floors, and the island lights, and the light by the back door, oh, and the light above the sink! lots to change!

<-- Kitchen from Stove
We don't use the "desk" portion of the kitchen, so here is where we are enclosing the microwave to make it look like it's built-in.  All that free space under the drawers, will soon be a pull out trash & recycling

Kitchen from sink -->
Hey top of Hadleigh's head!
Our built-in hutch which we have no clue how we are going to fill and decorate!

<-- Kitchen from Fridge
heeeyyy Had!
Check out the gold hardware!

  • Paint sunken room & nook gray
  • Paint kitchen walls red
  • New tile in kitchen
  • Paint kitchen cabinets white again (they're currently glossy and horrible)
  • Get new light fixtures for hallways, above the sink, and over the island
  • New Hardware for cabinets
  • Build cabinets beside fridge for a slide-out drawer trashcan & recycle
  • Decorative adds above cabinets
  • Wall-Art
  • Incorporate a chalkboard somewhere
  • TV for sunken room
  • Couch & Chair & side-table for sunken room
  • Bar/buffet for sunken room
  • Rug for sunken room
  • Art work/ decorative for nook & sunken room
  • Corner Cabinet for nook
  • New stools for kitchen
  • Paint current black stools red and put them in nook for the other part of the counter

Lots lots to do! Stay tuned for updates!!

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