Monday, February 15, 2010

You read it right

I'm pregnant! It's still crazy to say . . . one day I'll get used to it!  I'm only 9 weeks along, and still very nervous. Hopefully the nerves will settle after 13 weeks have passed and when I start to show.  My due date is 9/19/10 which seems like F-O-R-E-V-E-R away! Everyone tells me it will fly by, but Daniel and I have already said it is creeping so far.
I've had queasiness - mostly in morning between breakfast and lunch.  I'll get queasy anytime of the day if I wait too long to eat, so no losing weight from feeling sick for me.  I'm not as tired as I was in the beginning, but still significantly more tired than when I wasn't pregnant.  I also get headaches pretty bad, but with the help of migrane medicine and caffine I can manage them pretty well now.
Our first appointment with ultrasound was at week 6, so we got to see our little flutterbug <3 My next appointment is at the end of this month.  These doctor appointments are the only ones I'll be excited about!

I'll keep you posted as things move along and our lives together change forever come September!!