Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shopping for the house!

I hit Beth, Bath, & Beyond one Saturday and I got a few new additions to the house :)  I still have yet to figure out where they all should go, but soon they'll all find a home!
Cute little green tea table, which is still sitting in the corner of the room where our hutch is.

This piece I love!! We placed this on our mantle :)

This is some art, we also need to find a wall to hang it on.

One of these days we'll get around to finding permanent places for these things!

Michelle's Birthday Celebration

I'm super late on posting...been busy this month!

The first weekend in January was Michelle's Birthday, so we went out to dinner at ChaCha's and then headed to BlackFinn for some fun :)  Daniel and I had a really good time hanging out and meeting some new people.  Nothing much more to post on - but I will of course add pictures!!!
The birthday girl!
Daniel and I

my macho man!

Brady and I (haven't seen her since Ragan's wedding!!!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ringing in 2010

Daniel and I had a gift certificate from our wedding to Stronghill Dining Company. So we decided that New Years Eve would be a good time to go.  Plus my friend Campbell Tucker from high school is one of the chefs there, so I've been wanting to check it out for a while.
The food was excellent! A little pricey, but I was pleased with everything I got that night.  I actually think my favorite was the asparagus soup...mmm mmm good!

Stronghill gave us some champagne at the end of our meal to toast to!
After dinner <3

After dinner, we went back home to just hang out for the rest of the night. 
I even had changed into my pj's!

But then Daniel's friends Frank, Jason, and Cody came and convinced us to go out, so we just went to Starlite.  It was pretty low key, nothing too crazy. I was the only girl with all the guys - makes for a funny night!
Cody wanted me to take a picture of him....
Daniel and I again....
Daniel & Robbie (and Robbie's mustache)
Frank & Steven
Daniel & Frank (Daniel was super happy to take another picture!)
My love and I again to end the night! <3

Now we need to start on our new years resolutions!  Daniel and I have already picked a few for ourselves.
1.  We both have said that we need to get back to the gym regularly.
For a while we were doing pretty good, so we both just need to take the time to go to the gym and get in a good workout.  This will be hell for the first couple of months as EVERYBODY has this resolution, but it's a good one!
2.  Daniel is going to go through his closets and purge clothes and shoes he no longer wears.
If you know Daniel's closet - this will be huge for him to go through! I swear he has clothes in there from high school that he doesn't wear, so it will be good for him to go through this - and I'm sure most everything will be in good condition, so we can donate to the less fortunate. 2 good things in one task!
3. I will be saving money better in 2010.
I'm not that great with my money, so I will make a more conscious effort this year. I need to get in this habit for when we start to have kids!
4.  In part to saving money, my little project is to start couponing.
I've had some thing printed out on this for a while, but I haven't actually done anything with it.  I told Daniel I liked projects, so this is one we think I should do! So soon, I'll be researching and hopefully becoming a coupon expert like The CouponMom!

Good luck to us and everyone else with their resolutions!!

Christmas Festivities

I'm LATE on blogging...I need to catch up, so there will be a few posts!

Christmas was great this year - great family and friends, food, and drinks! We ate so much food and were very spoiled...stay tuned in a later post (whenever I take pictures of my new Christmas present).  It was lots of fun seeing Erik into his gifts as well - I got some cute pictures of him!
My parents living room tree
My parents den tree
My parents fireplace...where all the stocking are hung!

Erik trying out his new airplane (and loving it) !

The in-laws tree :)
Lover boy <3
My Loves!

Gramps and Erik taking pictures

I asked Zander to take a picture and he posed for me!

I snapped a good one of Jaiden too!