Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm not tired!! (1.25.11)

I had to put this link on here, cause Blogger won't upload this video straight to the blog - grrrrrr!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Girl Bath Time

Hadleigh has stepped up to Bumbo bath time!! We tried it for the first time last night (1.27.11). She really liked sitting up and getting her bath.  She got a little chilly towards the end, but didn't cry or anything.  Looks like we'll give her a bath in the bumbo for now on!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our attempt at celebrating New Years

We had been planning on going out for New Years Eve for a was New Years Eve and Steven's 30th birthday, so we made arrangement for Hadleigh to be staying at Chey, Kelli, and cousin Erik's house for the might.I had gone out earlier that day to get something to wear since I don't have many new clothes.  Before I started getting ready, I drove Hadleigh over to Kelli's.  She was smiling and talking for them.  I get home long enough to get in the shower and blow-dry my hair - then I get a call from Chey.....

Hadleigh is screaming bloody murder in the background!  They said they tried everything - feeding her, changing her, rocking her, cuddling and holding her close to them...everything - and nothing was working.  I hadn't heard her cry like that, so I immediately left the house to drive over there.  As soon as I walked in the door and she heard my voice (or saw me) she was fine.  I picked her up and held her for a bit, but then I gave her back to Kelli so I could get her things together.  She started crying again...

So my guess is she wasn't used to Kelli & Chey or their house and she just wanted her parents cause she's a little spoiled :)  Needless to say, I stayed in with her that night and Daniel ended up going out to celebrate Steven's birthday.  Kelli felt really bad, but it was no biggie! This situation is another reason we think Hadleigh's a little bit of a home-body, so we need to start being better about getting her out of the house - it's just so hard when it's cold and yucky - I can't wait until Spring & Summer!

Our little UNC Fan!

Daniel and Steven got UNC basketball tickets for Christmas from their parents, so they were headed to NC a few weeks ago.  They were decked out in their UNC sweatshirts, so that morning I made sure Hadleigh was sporting her gear too.  I made sure to get some pictures!

Well this picture is from a while ago...but it's in UNC gear :)

Hadleigh! 5 months

She smiles ALL the time now - she's such a happy little baby. Although some days she's not impressed at all and just gives you a blank stare.  A lot of pictures show the blank stare, but I think that's just because she's so interested in what the heck is in front of her face.

She's talking up a storm.  She talks a lot more at home than she does anywhere else.  I guess it's her comfort zone and she's used to seeing everything in the house versus new things to look at somewhere else.  My favorite is when she squeals - it's the best.  She also talks more when she has her hand in her mouth versus not.

She's rolling over more for us, yet it's not everytime we put her on her stomach.  She has only even rolled over in just a diaper - she hasn't mastered it with clothes on.  Which is funny, cause we know she can do it.  It's just all on her own terms.

She loves a bath.  She's never fussed during a bath - the warm water soothes her.  She kicks a lot in the tub now and she'll grab at the little bath squirters I put in there with her.

She's an eating machine!  She loves loves her cereal and we just started feeding her applesauce starting this past Saturday.  She wasn't too fond of it the first time, but now she loves it.  Her feeding schedule for right now is:
6am - bottle (7 ounces)
10am - bottle (6 ounces) and cereal (1 1/2 Tablespoons)
2pm - bottle (6 1/2 ounces)
5:30pm - bottle (6 ounces) and applesauce (1/2 tub stage 1)
8ish - bottle (5 ounces)
I can only imagine what her schedules going to be like soon.  I'm not sure how I'm supposed to space the solids or whatever.  We'll see how that goes!

She sits in her bumbo seat really steady now.  Before her head would kind of wobble around, so she has good control.  She's really close to sitting up on her own, but she's not quite there yet.

She has started to notice Isis & Duke and loves just looking at them to see what they're doing.  She even smiles when they make noise.  And of course they LOVE giving her kisses (almost too much!).  Hadleigh's big brother loves her --- cutest pictures ever below!

She's slept through the night since 8 weeks, and she still is doing great.  We try to get her to go to bed 8-8:30 (although some nights it's pushed to 9) and she will sleep all night until 6am.  We've been very lucky.  We used to swaddle her every night but we stopped that a few weeks ago cause she was getting out of it.  She's grown out of the "startling" phase, so she can sleep with her hands and arms free.  We give her the pacifier when we put her to sleep and she'll keep it in her mouth for a while, but then spits it out once she's asleep. 

She already knows who her mommy and daddy are, but she's starting to recognize who strangers are or even people she doesn't see as often.  She'll look around to make sure someone shes knows well is around (i.e. Mommy, Daddy, or Nana for the most part).  

Her hair is growing! I'm so excited about this development! it's so cute and still super fine, but it's starting to stick up on the top of her head.  Some days you can still see a little bit of a red tint (which the girl who just recently cut my hair told me if hair changes from a darker color to a lighter color - it always goes through a red tint phase in between....we'll see) but it's definitely getting lighter.  Hadleigh has Daniel's hairline - their hair in the front (where bangs would be) shift to the right instead of falling straight down.  So cute. She's definitely her father's daughter!

hahaha I need to get some more smiling pictures!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We finally made the decision to start Hadleigh on solids a little before her 5 month birthday (Who follows every single rule?!)  We I thought she was ready to take the next step up to cereal.  I mixed up rice & oatmeal cereal together, splashed a little apple/prune juice in there (just in case!), and the rest mixed with formula.  She loved it - no funny faces or anything.  She started kicking her legs and opening her mouth ready for the next bite!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gran Family Christmas

On 1/2/11 we finally got to celebrate Christmas with my dad's side of the family - well not all of them.  Aunt Lisa & Uncle Pete and Aunt Liz & Uncle John came over and we all had a yummy lunch together.  Then Erik opened up some presents from them and so did Hadleigh I.  Erik was so funny when he opened up the gifts - he gets so excited.  And before he even opened any gifts he would guess that it was some cars.  Which it was - too funny.  Hadleigh was on the floor chatting up a storm while everyone was just hanging out in the living room.  Daniel and I didn't stay too too long, so we could get Hadleigh home to get ready for bed.

Hadleigh's 4 month Check-up!

Hadleigh had her 4 month check-up on her exact 4-month birthday - 12/29/10.  Daniel and I both went this time, which was really nice.  She's doing great - got good reviews all around!  We love Dr. Winters, she always is so sweet and makes sure she answers all of our questions.
Weight: 13 pounds 11 ounces
Height: 24 1/2 inches
I believe she's in between the 50-75% for both height and weight. 
We asked a couple of questions like when to start her on solids, which Winters said to wait until 5 months for cereal.  Hadleigh also favors looking to the right, so we just have to make her look to the left a little more.  She'll look to the left, no problem, but just not as often or as natural as looking to her right comes.

I knew Hadleigh should have been rolling over by now, but every time we give her "tummy time" she gets so frustrated after 30 seconds that she just gives up on moving around.   So we told Winters about this, she said it was fine.  After she was done checking Hadleigh over, she laid her on her stomach and what does she do? She rolls over for the very first time for the doctor! Figures - she's a show off! :)

After her appointment, she had to get 5 shots :(  Since I took her by myself at 2 months, I let Daniel have the honor of holding her while she got them.  Oooo she was mad!  Poor thing - she's more vocal now all together, so she cried a lot louder and harder than she did at 2 months.  I hate when she has to get shots.

Here are some pictures I took of her on her 4 month birthday!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve & Christmas 2010

Hadleigh's first Christmas!!! So exciting and I cannot wait for every Christmas to come - they'll only get better and so much more fun!  Christmas Eve is spent with Daniel's family.  We start out at Grandma & Pop's house - we eat, and visit, and open gifts.  His family loves loves loves the newest family member :) She got some great gifts from everyone.  His grandparents do a lot for everyone - so we came out with some pretty great gifts ourselves.

 Papa trying on his Santa suspenders & hat!
 Cade holding Hadleigh
Papa & Hadleigh

After we finished up there, we went back to Nana & Papa's house.  We celebrate Christmas with them later on in the night every Christmas Eve.  They spoil us!! Daniel, Hadleigh, and I all got some good stuff! Daniel and I opened up all of Hadleigh's gifts as she was passed out cold on the sofa the entire time!
The next morning (Christmas Day) we got up and opened Hadleigh's stocking from Santa.  Santa figured she didn't need much this Christmas, so he just filled her stocking and that's it. 

Then we left for my parents house in Ashland.  We didn't even get ready or dressed - all 3 of us went in our Christmas PJ's :)  We got spoiled from Gran & Gramps as well! We love everything we got this year!  Now we have to figure out where to put all of Hadleigh's new toys and clothes!  After we open gifts, we sit down and have Christmas breakfast.  It was so yummy - breakfast casserole, french toast casserole and mimosas! <3 Erik had a blast with all of his toys, so it was a lot of fun watching him too. 

 Gran talking to Hadleigh

 Chey & erik playing "Thomas"
 Erik wanted in on the family picture!

Gramps & Erik eating a clementine
 Erik loving his new game!

Gran & Erik dancing

We left my parents and went home to get showers and to get ready.  We had to be back at Daniel's parents house around 2 that afternoon for more family time.  It was nice - a lot of Daniel's moms side of the family had not seen Hadleigh yet, so they were super excited to meet her.
 Uncle Chris & Hadleigh
 Angela, Nana, McKenzie, and Hadleigh
Uncle Steven & Hadleigh