Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 21 weeks
Due Date: 6.3.14 but still measuring a week ahead
Gender: GIRL - three beautiful little girls! 
Movement: yes every day now. I started feeling her consistently around 18 weeks. It's so funny though, because she only kicks low or on the right side of me, which I'm pretty sure was what Hadleigh & Hayden did too. There's not a particular time of day where she is more active {or maybe I just haven't noticed}
Weight Gain: 5 pounds! Why couldn't my other two pregnancies start out good like this?! I'm definitely carrying this one better - I've really only grown in my belly area.
Symptoms: I will still feel nausea every now and then. Thankfully it's not consistent! I get restless leg syndrome when I'm pregnant which is horrible. If I'm more tired than usual it's even worse. It doesn't hurt or anything, but its super annoying!
Cravings:  Nothing in particular still. I love vinegar when I'm not pregnant, but now I'll drench my subs in it. There's nothing worse than being really hungry, not knowing what you want, and then once you finish eating whatever you decided - being upset because it didn't really satisfy you. But you're full and can't think to eat anything else. Pregnancy problems.
Sleep:  I’m sleeping just OK. Definitely getting more uncomfortable and I'm using my pillow every night.  
Stretch Marks: ha! Yes, but from Hadleigh & Hayden. Plllleeeeaaasseee let my skin be stretched enough not to gain any more of them! 
My Overall Health: My doctor watches me a little closer than a regular uneventful pregnancy because of my prior pregnancies. For a quick recap - I had preeclampsia with Hadleigh and spent 3-4 weeks in bed rest , which was mostly in the hospital.  With Hayden my blood pressure was perfect, but  I had threatened pre-term labor. Hey put me on mild bed rest at home for about 3 1/2 months. Then once I was induced to try for a VBAC, I ended up going in for a C-section and they found out I had a partial placenta accreta. That means part of her placenta grew into my uterus, which requires a little more work to get it removed. SO.... I get more ultrasounds to watch the placenta closer. As well as them watching my blood pressure and Braxton hicks/cramping/contractions. So far so good! My 20 week ultrasound showed that her placenta didn't appear to be attached. They'll have me back at 28 weeks for an ultrasound to re-check it all.
Maternity Clothes: In them for sure. I actually can still fit into a few pairs of regular pants, but not buttoned.  My skinny stretch jeans I can wear still with no Bella band - holla!
Names:  No name yet. We have a few "H" names in the list, but we aren't in love with them yet. We will sit on it a little longer. We did talk about possibly going away from an "H" name and explaining the whole thing to her later if she questions it. I just don't want her to grow up and have a complex about it or anything if we don't do an "H". Names are hard!
Hadleigh is: becoming more defiant and stubborn. I'm pretty sure it's the wonderful age of 3 1/2, but darn! She finally decided she wanted a sister, but when I came home to tell her she was definitely getting a sister - she was upset and said "I don't want another sister!" (Arms crossed and mean face while telling me). She's excited now and will come over to kiss my belly.

Hayden is: still oblivious I think.  She comes over and hits on my belly because she thinks it's funny. But she doesn't really talk much, so I'm not sure I'd know even if she did get it. She loves LOVES babies though, so she will enjoy her sister once she's here.