Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh, Hey Friday & A GIVEAWAY!

It’s Friday again - I'm linking up here & here :) Let’s get this started!
1.      Today marks the last day of my first week back at work after maternity leave. I cried 4 times total on Monday. It was rough.  It still is rough! Still hoping to find a more flexible work schedule that makes me happy.
2.      The postpartum hair-loss is back in full swing. I mean, it’s ridiculous how much hair I lose every day.  It is everywhere! And of course, my bald spots have once again appeared. Good thing is I wear my hair down in public so you cannot tell.
3.  Can I talk about how much I *hate* my camera?  The pictures in my posts are always a little blurry and not crisp and clear like they should be.  I'm definitely in the market for a camera - any suggestions??
4.      One more week until our oldest is 4. FOUR! Posts will be happening next week on her birthday party and her actual birthday post, so stay tuned!  We are having her birthday party tomorrow with all her friends at a local inflatable jump place, so she’s really excited! 
5.  Check out the great giveaway I’m a part of. Enter to win the cash & get some great reading material added to your list. It’s a win-win!
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hayden's Birthday Party Re-Cap

Hayden’s party was a pool/crab theme this year.  I didn't indulge too much with decorations since it was going to be outside at the pool.  We kept it simple and only invited a few friends on top of our immediate family.  We ordered pizza and bought some cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.  I did make the cupcake toppers and the goody bags for the kids. 

I loved how the cupcake toppers turned out – nothing outrageous, but they were super cute!  I just used construction paper, scissors, glue, toothpicks, and stickers. It was time consuming making them all, but I had fun doing it!  The kids loved their goody bags filled with water balls, water guns, bubbles, a straw and costume rings.  Like I said, very simple.
Hayden loved swimming around and she really enjoyed all of her gifts she received from our loved ones.  She got a new princess patio set and more baby dolls & accessories. She’s in heaven playing with them all!  It’s still hard to believe she’s 2!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Hey Friday Ramblings!

Oh Hey Friday! I'm linking up with September Farm & The Farmer's Wife again! Here are my random thoughts for today…
1 – I’m not super excited to see Friday 8.15.14 show up.  This is my last day on maternity leave L I start work back up on Monday and I’m less than thrilled about it.  I’ve struggled each time with all the girls, but this time is different.  It’s my last baby and I think I really thought by my 3rd baby that we could work something out to where I could stay home or at least do something part-time.  Part-time would be ideal.  I’m going to miss hanging out with the girls during the day – playing, watching movies, swimming, drawing, and painting.  Maybe one day (hopefully sooner than later) Daniel and I can figure things out to where I can work less hours. 
2 – Last weekend was really fun around these parts!  Friday night we met up with my best friend at a local winery.  They have Fridays on the Patio – where you sip on some wine, have a picnic, and listen to live music.  It’s family and dog friendly, so the girls had a great time going crazy with each other!
3 – Then Saturday night we had a kid-free night to celebrate my 30th birthday.  We had dinner and drinks with friends which was so fun and needed!! It’s always nice to get a night out to be fun and not worry about being “mom” & “dad”.
4 – The girls start a new school on Monday.  I’m so excited, but sad for them at the same time.  It will definitely take some getting used to, but I really think this is the better decision for them (and us) in the long run.  Things will be more structured, more educational, and more communication for me.  And a huge plus is that our cousin and photographer who we love dearly is a teacher at their new school! Woohoo!
5 – I’m trying to get lots and lots of things crossed off my list today and this weekend.  Grocery shopping, new bedtime & routines, hitting up a local consignment sale that goes on twice a year, finishing up going through my clothes and bags – and then taking what I don’t want to a local charity, going to a family get together tomorrow for Daniel’s cousin, and spending as much time with our little family of 5!  I’d love to go antique shopping too, but I think that might be on the list for another weekend.

·        What are your plans for the weekend?
·        How did you guys handle going back to work after maternity leave? 
·        Any ideas or advice on what I can do to have more time at home?
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