Monday, July 21, 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I couldn’t resist this when I saw it on Two ThirdsHazel and then again on Mal Smiles J I’m a sucker for a good quiz! Head on over and link yours up!

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th Weekend!

We headed to the river for the holiday weekend.  Both of our parents have a house on the Rappahannock, so we got to spend time with family and friends in the sun J
 The girls always have a blast down there – playing in the water, riding the golf carts, and driving their Barbie 4-wheeler.  Hadleigh’s a pro at driving, although she gets distracted very easily!  Hayden is just learning the gas pedal on the 4 wheeler and has yet to master steering. The community had a band and fireworks, so we enjoyed those for a little bit on Saturday night. Hayden doesn't like the fireworks, so she clung to daddy the whole time.
We even made some S'mores one night!
I dressed the girls in festive outfits on the 4th – I can’t help but have them match when I get the opportunity! 

 We also took a nice boat ride.  I forgot to pick up a newborn life-vest, so Harper stayed with my parents while we took the older girls.  They loved it and were both asleep within 10 minutes.  If only it was that easy at home! 

What were your plans for the fourth?

Did you dress in red, white, and blue?
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

30th Birthday Girls Weekend + Favorite Things Party

This post is long overdue!  Back in February, I had a girls weekend away to celebrate all of us turning 30.  I’ve been friends with this group of ladies since elementary school and we've talked about girls weekend for a long time.   Most of us still live in Virginia, but we have one in Pennsylvania and one in North Carolina.  We decided on the mountains and rented a cabin in Wintergreen, VA.  It was perfect.  We didn't turn the TV on once.  The best thing about these girls is that we pick up as if we were still in high school spending every day with each other.  Most of the time was spent upstairs in the common area chatting away. 

Reading so many blogs, I really wanted to do a favorite things party.  We originally had planned on drawing names and buying a birthday gift for the name we chose.  I convinced all the girls to jump on the ‘favorite things’ bandwagon J Many of the girls were a little skeptical, but afterwards said they were looking forward to next year’s favorite things party! Woohoo!  We were going to wait until Saturday evening to have the party, but as we were chatting someone would say, “man, I wish I had some chap-stick” and it would make us excited to give our favorite things out to everyone.  So, we decided to just give all of our gifts to each other around midnight Friday night. Everyone went and explained their gifts to everyone.  There were 9 of us (one of us couldn't make it), so everyone brought a favorite thing for all 9 with a budget of $0-$5 per gift.
Saturday was spent relaxing and chatting all day.  We finally got motivated to shower and get ready in time to head to Devil’s Backbone Brewery for dinner, drinks, and music.  Three of us (myself included) were pregnant, so no drinks for us!  
The night ended on a game of “leaving” two girls from our group at the brewery because they weren't coming when everyone else wanted to leave.  Hilarious. The rest of us packed into the car and pretended to leave them there.  Bitchy, but so funny all at the same time.  It was fun pulling the cars into a convenient store parking lot waiting for them to call and freak out that we had left them.  They never called.  We ended up having to go back in and get them. Womp Womp.

We made a promise to do girls weekend every year, so I cannot wait until next year!
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