Friday, December 19, 2014

Hadleigh & Hayden's Christmas Wish List {Pre-school & Toddler Age}

I’ve asked Hadleigh & Hayden several times what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas and each time I get a different answer from Hadleigh.  Hayden is pretty consistent on her answers!
Here are a few I’ve heard from Hadleigh:
-          EVERYTHING!
-          A doctor kit so I can fix all the people and animals
-          iPad just like mommy’s
Here is what Hayden says every time:
-          LET IT GOOOOO! (this is what she calls ‘Frozen’ and she’s obsessed)
-          A baby doll

Both of them have circled everything in the toy catalog from Toys R Us & Target; even though they already have half of the things they circled.  Hopefully the girls are excited with the things Santa has planned.  Here are a few items we know Santa has in his little bag this year.

1-       iPad // Yes, this might be a crazy gift for a 4 year old. Her and Hayden fight over mine constantly.  They love watching Netflix and play educational games.  They've never taken to their LeapPads, so we’re selling those and just upgrading to the iPad. It’s truly a win-win.  There have been several moments since we bought it Daniel and I have said “we cannot wait for Christmas!”
2-      Lite Brite // I loved this growing up, so this is something I’m excited to see them open and play with!  This mama is excited to play with it too ;)
3-      Elsa dress // They will both be very excited for this.  They love Frozen, but they love dressing up. I’m expecting this is what they will want to wear Christmas Day.
4-      Shoes // We picked up these cute Nike tennis shoes the other night.  Hayden grew out of her New Balances, so she needed them.
5-      Books // Definitely needed some reading material for these girls! You can never go wrong with books.  We got both of them a mixture of fun and educational type books.

What does Santa have planned for your kids?
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


A few weeks ago my parents, Daniel, and I took the girls to Busch Gardens ChristmasTown. It’s an amusement park that is about an hour away, but during Christmas they have tons of lights and Christmas themed activities. It’s the first year we have gone, and I’ll definitely be going back! 
There’s an outlet shopping center pretty close to the park and I had seen where Anna & Elsa were going to make an appearance at The Yankee Candle store on the same day we planned on going.  My girls still love Frozen, so I figured it would be a cool thing to stop in and do before heading to ChristmasTown. In theory, it was great.  But everyone else in the state of Virginia thought so too. 4 hour long lines to see Anna & Elsa (who by the way didn't even really look like them) wasn't working, so we told the girls to look at them from the sidelines. See what I’m talking about? Doesn't really look like Elsa…
After the Anna & Elsa bust, we made our way to the park.  We got there when they opened to enjoy some rides and shows.  We knew we had time to kill since it was daylight.  Hadleigh really enjoyed the show, which was ballet dancing and singing. She was so cute (and funny) trying to copy the ballet moves the girls and guys were doing.  We even played a fish game where the girls won polar bear stuffed animals.

It was a great day, but if I’m being honest it didn't come easy!! There was about 45 minutes where the older two were crying and whining.  It’s so hard as a parent when you’re there to make great memories for your kids and they could care less. All three wanted to be held by me and only me, so when they didn't get their way the crying started.  I should have known it was from exhaustion because shortly after, we put both in the stroller, and within minutes Hadleigh was asleep. In the grand scheme of the day it was just a minor hiccup, but it certainly didn't feel minor in the middle of it!
This was during the meltdowns - priceless face!
Nighttime fell and all the lights were beautiful.  I would have enjoyed it with kids or no kids.  
There’s just something about Christmas Time! It's definitely magical :)
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Cards

I’m in love with our Christmas cards this year!  I wanted to buy them through Shutterfly, since that’s where I store all of my pictures and make the girls birthday books every year.  They were pretty expensive when I first started looking, but then I snagged them at a really good deal I couldn't resist!

I had a $20 off coupon, an additional $5 off coupon, and the cards were all 50% off when I bought these = I was THRILLED!


·        Did you send out Christmas cards this year?

·        Did you go for the photo cards, or traditional holiday cards with no picture?

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