Monday, June 22, 2015

The end of the "School Year"

I have a pre-school graduate. A pre-school graduate who will be starting Kindergarten in September!
In bloggy mom fashion, I have first & last day side-by-side pictures. Hadleigh’s graduation pictures are so cute, although I hate those darn caps! 
With Hadleigh's favorite teacher - Ms. Casey!
I can’t forget about Hayden who was a Flamingo (2-2.5) & a Lion (2.5-3) this year.   Hayden was not having any part of pictures when I was taking them on their last day.  I was going to take them another day and pretend she smiled, but I decided to use the ones I had on the actual last day of school. Real life people!

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Friday, June 19, 2015


Things have been crazy lately – I know everyone says that. Life happens!

We had a busy May – with Harper’s party, Harper’s actual 1st birthday, 2 weddings, 1 long weekend away at the beach, and then celebrating Memorial weekend at the river.  So far in June we’ve had the last day of school for the 2 older girls, Hadleigh’s pre-school graduation, and a week at the Outer Banks for vacation.
Hopefully I’ll get caught up and blog about all these things, so stay tuned!

Since Orange is the New Black Released Season 3, it’s gotten my butt in gear to finish Season 2.  It still has me a bit shocked when certain things or scenes are shown.  Anyone else too?  Oh and while I’m writing about watching TV.  We just cancelled our DirecTv service.  It’s something we’ve talked about for MONTHS.  I finally pulled the plug on them.  We were paying $150 a month for internet & TV and we didn’t get hardly any channels.  Honestly, the only channels we watched were PBS, Disney Jr., ESPN, Comedy Central, TBS, and HGTV.   We are buying 2 Roku sticks and just going to subscribe to a few more app-type services.  Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime…just have to research which ones will be best for those channels we are used to watching.
I fell off the wagon from working out and cooking dinners around here.  This past week I’ve done pretty well with getting back to planning meals and actually cooking them in the evening after work.  Still haven’t started back with my workouts.  I set my alarm for 5am with intentions of going for a run or doing one of my 21 Day Fix workouts…but I just hit snooze. I’m so mad at myself yet I keep doing it. Funny how that happens!
Here’s to getting my shit together and working out, eating better, and maybe blogging on the regular again?! CHEERS!

·         Do you watch OITNB?
·         Have you gotten rid of cable? What do you use if you have?

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