Monday, March 23, 2015

St. Patrick's Day, Boyfriends, and Cinderella

For lack of knowing what exactly to write about today but wanting to write something….I’m going to fill y’all in on what we've been up to the past week. 
On St. Patrick’s Day, Daniel and I were working from home.  Hadleigh had to get one of her ear tubes removed that morning, so we had to take her to the surgery facility to be put under anesthesia.  She was a trooper!  She was a little grumpy after the procedure and complained about her ears hurting only until about lunch.  Promises of Chick-Fil-A perked this girl right up {my daughter through and through}J  All three girls were sporting their green though!

Friday Hadleigh came home with a flower in hand from school. Her “friend” Whitman had brought two in for show and share, but then decided to give it to Hadleigh before he left for the day.  Those two.  They are nap-time buddies because Whitman’s parents and Daniel & I refuse to let them go to sleep during that time.  Bedtime would be horrible for us! So, they hang out for two hours every day just the two of them.  Hadleigh gets super shy when Whit gets brought up in conversation, but she enjoys his friendship!
Saturday I took Hadleigh & Hayden out to lunch and then we met my mom to see Cinderella.  It was a cute movie and the girls really liked it.   They loved the Frozen Fever at the beginning and were dressed appropriately in their Elsa dresses!  I honestly thought the movie was a little drawn out (especially for little ones).  Overall it was a really good movie though.

Sunday we played around the house and cleaned some.  Then we went to my parents for dinner.  The girls were pooped and all 3 fell asleep on the way home – which hardly ever happens!  
What did your weekend look like?
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Massanutten Resort {Weekend Getaway}

A few weeks ago we had a little family weekend getaway to The Massanutten Resort.  Groupon had a deal going, but I ended up getting a better deal through Massanutten themselves.  We left on a Friday afternoon and got checked in to our condo for the weekend.  The girls loved “our new house”!  Hadleigh even told us she loved our new house better than our old one. Ha!  We took it easy that night – getting settled, getting some dinner, and picking up some last minute groceries. 
Saturday morning we got up and took the girls to the Petting Zoo they had on the resort.  They were super excited to see all of the animals. Then as soon as we walked into the office to get our tickets, Hadleigh starts whining.
“IT STINKS!” {While holding her hands over her nose}
“IT’S SO SMELLY!” Now, holding her hands over her mouth only.  Which we then told her wasn't helping at all.
Can I just say how frustrating it is as a parent to do something fun for your kids, thinking they will enjoy it, and them straight up ruining it?!  It’s a funny story looking back now, but damn. 
We get the tickets and walk down to where all the animals are (Hadleigh still whining about the smell).  Hayden and Harper are excited to see the bunnies first.  We actually got to go into the cage with them to pet them.
  Hadleigh stood outside of the gate, still whining.
  We continued on to see the pigs, goats, turkey, chickens.  Hayden enjoyed herself.  
Hadleigh – still standing in the same corner – crying about the smell and how she is scared of the animals. 
 We finished off the petting zoo experience by seeing some horses and a camel.  We got into the car to go back to our condo so we could get ready for the waterpark. 
Naturally, our question to the girls (really Hayden) when we got into the car was, “What was your favorite animal?”
Hayden starts answering by saying the chickens, but then Hadleigh chimes in and tells us her favorite were the bunnies cause they were soo cute.  Really?! 4 year olds.

Back to the condo to get into our bathing suits for the indoor water park it was.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the water park because my darn camera kept steaming up.  The girls had a blast though.  Water, slides, waterfalls, lazy rivers, and swings kept them busy for hours. 

 It was a nice break from the snow on the ground outside!  Other than the petting zoo, waterpark, and eating – we didn't do anything.  It was a nice little change of scenery from our normal weekend activities.

We might go back when the girls are a little older, but I will definitely make sure we have a full kitchen in the condo.  The restaurants are expensive on the resort, and their service was not great.  Lesson learned, but either way we had fun!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hayden is potty trained!!

Yep – our Hayden is potty trained.  She’s been potty trained for a month now, but I’ve been so afraid to officially call it.  I didn't want to say it, then it back fire on me! The whole potty training business was a disaster at first.  We tried going cold turkey over Christmas break and it completely failed.  She was not ready at all.  School continued to try and push it, so they asked for underwear.  A few thoughts went through my mind:
2 – What? Do you not believe that I’ve tried this and it has completely failed?
3 – Actually, I take that back. She probably will do it 100% for them instead of me.
We didn't have anything to lose, so I sent her in with a ton of underwear and another change of clothes.  I picked her up and the teacher sarcastically said, “It went great!” Oh freaking awesome.  They then told me that Hayden would just sit there in her underwear, pee, and act like NOTHING had happened.  Only my child. So we left the issue alone.  She continued on with pull-ups, but her teachers would ask her if she needed to go potty.  She would sit on the toilet, but wouldn’t pee.
Then she moved up into another class at school and started doing great.  She would go pee for them during the day, but then at night would want a diaper.  That lasted a few days.  A Friday rolled around and she hadn't had any accidents at school, so I decided she was only going to have a pull-up when she went to sleep.  And that was that. 
Hayden has done amazing ever since.  She tells us when she needs to go pee and when she needs to poop. It’s been a lot easier than it was with Hadleigh.  Hadleigh took a while to go poop on the potty, but Hayden rocked it.  Now, we have definitely had some accidents in our house.  Either she has gotten too busy or just not made it to the bathroom in time.  But there hasn't been many.  She still wears a pull-up at night, but most mornings she is still dry!  Woohoo Hayden!  I’m not sure when I’ll feel comfortable enough to let her wear underwear only to bed.  We shall see.  
The big thing I can say is that I only have ONE in diapers.  Which makes me want to dance and cry at the same time.
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Monday, March 9, 2015

1st Birthday Prep & Inspiration {Harper}

I can’t wrap my head around the fact I have less than 2 months until Harper Madden is ONE whole year old. Harper’s first year has gone faster than either of her sisters (and they went by pretty fast!)  I started pinning flowers and fairies, then moved to butterflies before I chose to go shabby chic! I just purchased the invitations, so now onto the decor! 



I have lots more ideas on my Pinterest Board - go check it out if you're curious! 

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hadleigh 4.5 Update

This girl is 4 ½! What the What?!
    Oh sweet Hadleigh, we love you so so much!  Hadleigh is full of personality and spunk.  She’s becoming a little girl and it makes me so happy yet sad at the same time.  I tell her all the time that she will always be my baby.
Hadleigh is thriving in Pre-school.  She loves learning anything and everything.  She enjoys praise and reassurance that she is doing the right thing or saying the right answer.  She writes her full name very well – for a while there she would get her b,p,g,d’s mixed up, but they all look the same in a way!  They have assessment tests coming up at her school, so I’m looking forward to those results.  Last time, she scored above average in all areas.  We will definitely send her to Kindergarten in the Fall.  Her birthday is so close to the cut off, it was a question last year.  She would get SO bored if we held her back though.  So registration is around the corner and as a parent I’m definitely nervous!  My baby is going to big girl school!  She will rock it though!

Hadleigh is very opinionated (no surprise there!)  She likes pink still, but has branched out on her wardrobe.  I’m safer asking her before I buy anything though, because she has clothes in her closet she won’t wear.  She wears 4/5 (XS) and 5T currently.  I believe she is around 42 pounds and 40-42 inches.  She loves anything girly, dressing up, Barbies, playing school, playing house, and arts and crafts.   Hadleigh still loves a good bag and filling it up to the brim with random stuff.  Oh girls!
She is the best big sister.  She loves Hayden and Harper to the fullest.  Hadleigh is so sweet and gentle with Harper.  Harper is the first person she looks for when she gets home from school.  Hayden and her are best friends.  They fight of course – a lot – but they play together and like to do most anything side by side.  Hadleigh likes to direct Hayden in how to play or what they’re playing, but Hayden is pretty head strong too ;) I love the relationship Hadleigh has with her sisters.
Hadleigh is the funniest.  She thinks her daddy is hilarious as well. She thinks poop and pee and butts are the funniest thing ever right now.  If someone trips, she laughs. But don’t you try laughing if she trips!

Some of the things I have written down she has said:
“I wish Isis and Duke could be people” (Car conversations)

“I don’t want Harper to grow up!” (in a very concerned and sad voice) UGH Hadleigh, I don’t want any of you guys to grow up!!

“Mom, I’m going to have lots of babies when I get older!” (Car conversations)

“My poop is like a hot dog!” (after she pooped)

Hadleigh handed me the atomically correct boy doll we have and told me it was a boy and then pointed at his penis.  I asked her to tell me what it was called. 
“No, you” – Hadleigh
“It’s called a penis” – Me
Hadleigh laughed. “oh! That rhymes with nut!”

Close Hadleigh. Close.
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