Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 (Part II)

Dinner was with my side of the family.  Hadleigh of course had so much fun with Erik and Jaxson.  We didn't eat too too much but we got some sweet potato casserole and my mom's stuffing (two of my favorites).  Can't wait til next year!

Thanksgiving 2011 (Part I)

Another Thanksgiving - and we have so much to be thankful for!!  We are lucky to be able to spend the day with both sides of our family.  Lunch was with Daniel's family at his Aunt Julie's house (which is gorgeous by the way).  Hadleigh had a lot of fun seeing everyone and then playing outside on the putting green Aunt JuJu has near her house.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brian & Dawn's Baby Shower

The other weekend Daniel, Hadleigh, and I went to celebrate a special little boy and his parents!  Brian and Dawn have gone through a lot and I'm so happy for them to enjoy a baby boy come January :)  it was a really nice and laid back shower - all the guys were hanging out and drinking some beer and all the girls chatted and played with the little kids running around.

Cannot wait to meet baby William!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A girl and her dog...

Well, one of her dogs :)  Hadleigh was so cute the other morning.  Laying next to Isis and then hanging all on her, petting her, and tapping on her back.  Isis just sat  there so patiently and sweet and let Hadleigh do whatever the heck she wanted.  It was the sweetest thing! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Toys, Toys, and more Toys!

Daniel and I have felt like our house is consumed by toys for the past couple of months - and yes we know it's only going to get worse with age and more kids!  Since we don't need the guest bedroom we have in the back of the house, we decided to turn it into a playroom for Hadleigh.  She's such a lucky little girl :)  We ended up taking the mattresses down to my parents River House and we just stored everything else up in our attic.  Daniel and I had a lot of fun getting some extra things to make her playroom perfect.  Hadleigh loves it (follow the video link to see her first reaction of the room).  I still have a few more decorative ideas I want to add into the room, so look for updates on that (I'm using some ideas from Pinterest, so I'm really excited!)

View from the door
Left side of the room.  Nana & Papa surprised all three of us with this gorgeous carousel horse!

Instead of a rug, we decided to get this foam mat of the alphabet

Wall next to the door.  We scored those "bookshelves" from GoodWill for $50! We came home to find that they're PierOne = SCORE!
Owl lamp to match the art work and wall decals

Wall decals to make it more colorful and fun

 Hadleigh really enjoyed it the next morning when she woke up.  Excuse her bedhead :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Devilish Halloween

Hadleigh had a great Halloween starting off with a trip the The Children's Museum.  They were hosting a "Spooky Party" where the kids came in their costumes and played around the museum.  Some paces were decorated, and others had Halloween games and crafts set up.  Kristy and Lily joined us for the day and both girls seemed to really have a lot of fun.  They're both crazy walking all over the place, so a couple of times we lost Kristy & Lily :) 
Introducing Lily the KittyCat...

Introducing Hadleigh the LittleDevil...

Had to post this picture - It's one of my favorites!
Halloween night we took Hadleigh to see Nana, Papa, and Uncle Steven.  She loves seeing them and the kittycats that they have at their house.

After we left, we went to Kelli & Chey's house.  There we saw the boys and my parents, so Hadleigh got some play time in with Erik & Jaxson. 

I think next year we might attempt trick-or-treating for the first time :) 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Life to Her Years"

I stumbled across this blog and I can't help but to share.  It is the sweetest (not to mention cutest) blog written by a father, who happens to have a daughter about the same age as Hadleigh.  He just posts a sentence or two with a picture - kind of like a rolling list of things to do with your daughter.  Some of the posts are original and directly from him, while others are submissions from anyone in the world who read his blog.  Very cool idea, and how sweet that his daughter will have it to look back on.  It's definitely worth reading and checking out on a daily base to see what new advice he has!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. David Story

On October 22nd, Daniel's cousin Michele and her fiance' Dave, got married.  It was a beautiful ceremony at The Crown Plaza in Richmond and Michele was stunning! Hadleigh had loads of fun walking around and dancing to the music. The girl can shake her hips :)
Angela and Hadleigh