Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Then came Christmas Eve at Grandma & Pop's.  There's just as many people in the Harris family that there is in the Santerre Family, so it's pretty loud and crazy here too :)  We had a good time eating, talking, opening gifts, and playing a game.  The girls had fun once they warmed up to everyone and only had one set-back when Hadleigh got scared of one of the stuffed animal toys that talks.  She is scared of all of them this year for some reason!  I got some good pictures of Grandma & Pop this year too!
Hayden talking to a Christmas Bear
Nene & Hadleigh
Daddy & Hayden
Nene & Aunt JuJu
my girls!

Then We were off to do Christmas with Nene, Baba, and Steve!    Hayden slept through most of the opening of presents, but did wake up to get a pony ride! :)  We all loved our gifts especially Hadleigh - she got Caillou stuff and her own 'puter (LeapPad2).  By the time we were finished it was getting late and we still had to go home and get ready for Santa!  The girls surprisingly stayed awake for the ride home, so we went right to bed after we left milk and cookies for the big man in red.

Hadleigh reading like Nene

Hayden riding "Jack"


Showing daddy her LeapPad

more Caillou!

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