Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I think I’m back?

I think I’m back.  I want to be back in the space and writing.  Even though I don’t really write about anything earth shattering, but I love writing about our girls and their adventures.  And I have this grand idea of making them into blog books for them one day. One Day.

Things have been busy around here lately, and I really want to blame it on Hadleigh starting school.  Who knew the pressure of getting her to the end of the road for the bus on time would be so stressful? No, but really. These past few weeks have been crazy for whatever reason and I really need to get back to doing some things I love doing.

I have a few things I want to back track and blog about, so you know, when I do those said blog books, those events were documented ;)  Things like our summer shenanigans all wrapped into one post, Hayden’s birthday, Hadleigh’s birthday, and first day of school pictures.  Then I’ll be all caught up and can blog real time.

Stay tuned!

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