Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Last time we went to the River (I believe it was in November sometime) we went to Lowery's for lunch.  It's a local seafood type restaurant, and they happened to have this neat fishing activity for kids.  The waiter asked you if you wanted to get a coupon to go fishing, so you would take the coupon up to the person working the cash register and they would trade you for a child fishing pole.  You went to the back and "fished" out of this barrel.  You would then bring your fish up to the front to trade it in for a prize.  They had all sorts of stuff from necklaces, candy, stickers..etc.  I think Dada had more fun fishing than Hadleigh actually did :)

Hadleigh's 1st Haircut 11.12.11

I'm super late in posting about this.  I took the pictures on my cell phone and completely forgot they were there until now :)
We didn't want to cut too much of her hair, since we want it to grow long, but she needed a trim around her eyes.  The hair was pretty long in the front and it was getting into her eyes alot.  I guess I should say it was her first trim, not haircut. Oh well, all in the same.  She did really well and only whined a little.  (Excuse the pictures of me in the background - I was getting my hair done that day as well)

better picture of the end result :)