Friday, June 15, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

Memorial Weekend was spent at the river for us.  We had a blast hanging out with both families and getting some sun in our lives.  Hadleigh loves hanging out with Erik & Jaxson - it's worth it just to see her face light up. We didn't really do too much other than hang out at the house, go to the beach, and eat :)  The kids loved the water and loved getting golf cart rides in with Gramps and BawBaw.

Fun with Aunt JuJu
BawBaw and Hadleigh swimming
Gran, Erik, and Hadleigh building a sand castle

Me "Say Cheese" Hadleigh "Cheeeesseee"
My loves!
Daniel getting some time in on the new jetski

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Master Bedroom (Part 1 of 3)

Stay tuned for part two which will come soon.  Part three hasn't even been started, so that will be a bit of a wait :)
Part One is the upgrade of our master bedroom - the bedroom part. (Just for clarification, Part two will be the bathroom and Part Three will be our sitting room)

When we moved, we already had 2 out of the 3 colors in mind for the space.  We had bought new furniture from Ashley Furniture, and it had been hanging out in our formal living room for a few months.  We knew we had to get a few things done before we could start putting it all together.
  • Hired Someone to mud the entire room - previous owners did a horrible job covering up the places they had taped...etc.
  • Daniel upgraded electrical
  • Hired Someone to paint -We loved the yellow we had in our front living room at our old house, so we decided to use it in our bedroom here.  One Yellow accent wall with a very light grey to round out the room.

Once all that was completed, we needed to decide on an accent color to compliment the yellow and grey and to give it a little pop.  We picked teal and I'm in love!  

Here are the before pictures: They're pretty rough since they were taken after mudding had been completed.

And the AFTER:

We've since added two pictures on the yellow wall - one above each lamp, so it looks a lot more "finished".
Comforter Set/Curtain:
Teal Lamps: Target
Furniture: Ashley Furniture

Can't wait to share Part 2 & 3!