Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hayden 5 months!

5 months already!! Whew! Time is flying faster with Hayden than it did with Hadleigh! They definitely keep us busy :)

Hayden and Hadleigh look very very similar.  Both look like Daniel! Here is a comparison:

Hayden is a happy baby.  She really only cries for 2 things:
1 - when she's really tired and hasn't gone to sleep, so she's past tired
2 - when she's hungry an I'm not getting the boob or bottle in her mouth quick enough (and it's really not even a cry)
Now...that is the dynamic when she is with Daniel and I.  Family functions when there's more people around she generally only wants Daniel and I to hold her.  She stayed the night with Gran and Gramps the other night   and she cried at night.  I think she's a homebody when it comes to her evenings and routine...that and she just loves daddy and mama :)

She's a go-getter!! She's very busy and wants to be doing everything!  She's already rolling over both ways, sitting up on her own (she's a little wobbly but does well overall), and grabs at everything within her reach.  She's definitely ahead of schedule on gross motor skills.  We put her in the kick-n-coaster we have and she goes to town in that.  We also alternate her in the activity jumper and her playmat which is on the floor.  I sometimes put her in the bumbo, but she even gets annoyed with that pretty quickly. She is grabbing at everything in sight too.  Doesn't sit still unless she's asleep.

Hayden loves her sister so much!  She laughs and smiles at her all the time.  Hadleigh is really good with her too, which is awesome.  I love that they love each other and I hope it lasts forever!

Hayden sleeps all through the night in her crib.  I usually get her and bring her in our bed in the mornings to feed her before I go to work.  She usually falls back asleep until about 8ish.  She's definitely a great sleeper, but she cat naps throughout the day instead of good long naps.  I've just started introducing solid food into her diet.  She's not a fan of cereal and wasn't fond of bananas.  She loves sweet potatoes...well I don't know about love, but she eats them.  She just doesn't seem that impressed with the food - definitely not like she acts with milk.

pretty girl
working on her computer
Such a cool baby
All the baby girls at Morgan's gender reveal!

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