Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun with cousin Erik

This past weekend, Hadleigh saw Erik a couple times.  She likes watching him do whatever, she smiles at him.  Erik loves Hadleigh - he's always giving her hugs and kisses and making sure she has a toy to play with.

These pictures are when we went up to Ashland to have dinner with Gran & Gramps

 Gran and Erik came over one Saturday to see Hadleigh.  Hadleigh got a new white hat, so I got Erik to try it on (blackmail!).  Then Erik got out the dancing Mickey and was dancing with him - Hadleigh just stood there and watched and smiled.

Erik was talking to himself in the "mirror" of the glass!

6 months!!

I cannot believe a 1/2 year has gone by already! It's crazy and I know everyone says this and it's so cliche' - but time flies when you have kids! It's true! I guess because you're in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and when you get home they keep you so busy - fine by me - it's the best thing I've ever done.

Hadleigh still smiles all the time - she really is a happy baby.  She laughs a lot more often now as well - baby laughs are the best sound in the entire world - hands down!  She just started getting pretty ticklish too -  Her thighs, feet, neck, and sides under her arms are all good spots. I can't resist tickling her, but I'm trying not to do it too often because i HATE being tickled myself.

She's still sleeping through the night, although we just wen through a few days where we would have to get up multiple times in the might to put her pacifier back into her mouth.  We think she was just teething, so she was a little more fussy.

She's definitely teething! No teeth yet, but she chews and bites on everything and she's a drooling machine. Her gums feel very hard, like a tooth is going to come in at any moment, but nothing has shown through yet.

As you know from a previous post, she's sitting up all by herself. It's fun now that I can sit her on the floor with toys and she can grab and get them herself. 

She refuses to roll over.  She's done it (only a handful of times), so we know she can do it. But....she refuses!  We'll put her on her stomach and she'll lay there looking around - has no interest in rolling over. Oh well.

She's noticed her feet for a couple of weeks now, but she's actually grabbing and holding them when she's laying down - i love it!  I can't wait for the next step of her putting them in her mouth :)

She loves her ExerSaucer, so she plays in that a couple times a day.  Her legs are super strong.  She's started only liking to be sitting up or standing up.  She's not too much of a fan of laying down, unless she's asleep.  But she also fights sleep...

*Hadleigh's 6 month wellness check-up is on March 3rd, so I'll update her weight, height, and percentiles after!

Hadleigh's daily routine (roughly):
6-6:30 - wake up for the day & drink a bottle (7 ounces)
Takes a little cat-nap usually before Nana comes
Nana comes at 7:30 - Daniel and I leave at 7:45ish
She takes a morning nap somewhere in here
Eats cereal & a fruit and drinks a bottle (4-6oz) at 10-10:30
She'll take another nap around 12:30 (give or take - sometimes the morning nap is better and sometimes the afternoon nap is better)
Drinks a bottle (6 ounces) 2-2:30
She might take a small cat nap
Daniel and I come home around 5:15
We feed her a vegetable & drinks a bottle (5-6ounces)
She'll either be up playing or take a small cat-nap
Bath (every other night)
Change into pajamas, read a book, drink a bottle (5 ounces)
Daniel and I rock her to sleep and then put her in her crib for the night!

I bought her a biggirl cup the other week - she really likes holding it on her own.  The cup is really a step between bottle & sippycup.  We don't give it to her every time because she also likes to play with it since she has more control.

The other night before bed, instead of reading, Daniel went on You Tube and let Hadleigh watch a "Baby Einstein" video.  I think she liked it! :)

Hadleigh sitting up and playing on her blanket in the living room

Daniel and I went out to dinner and we set her in the highchair (after I sanitized it with wipes because I forgot her seat cover! grrr)

*6 month pictures to come - Daniel and I are going to try and get creative and take some*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful Saturday (2.19.11)

This past Saturday was such a nice day, so we played outside for a little while with Hadleigh, Isis, and Duke.  Hadleigh loves watching Isis chase the ball around the backyard and Duke just hanging out.

I'm thinking she's going to love Chick-fil-a and their sweet tea as much as her momma does! (Although she did not really get a taste at all - she's just chewing on the straw)

Hadleigh's sitting up!

Another milestone hit!

Visiting with Kristy & Lily! 2.12.11

Kristy & Lily decided to come visit last Saturday.  Kristy now stays at home with Lily after going back to work for a few short months.  She definitely has her hands full as Lily has started crawling everywhere! We just hung around the house for a little while and let the girls interact a little bit (as much as they can).  It was so nice out, we took a quick walk before Kristy & Lily headed back home.  It's such an awesome thing to have your best friend go through "mommyhood" with you :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New toys!

This isn't a toy, but she's sitting in her high-chair like a big girl!