Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Schedules

Just a preview into our daily schedules:  And how crazy they are!!

Monday  Friday Schedule

5:30am - Alarm goes off for me.  I shower, get ready, wash dishes, make bottles, make lunches, make chocolate milk for Hadleigh when she wakes up, make coffee
6:45am - Wake Hadleigh up (on days she has school) She is NOT a morning person, so this can take a while.  I change her diaper and get her dressed and let her lay with daddy or watch TV.
7am - Wake Hayden up to eat and change her diaper. Some days I'll change her into her clothes for the day, but other days I keep her in her jammies.  Nene will dress her for me :)
7:30am - I get ready to walk out the door - make coffee & bagel to go and get all my bags together.  Daniel and Hayden get out of bed and hang out for Nene to come. Drop Hadleigh off at daycare and head to work.
10am - I pump at work.  Hayden gets a bottle at home.
11:30am - Hadleigh eats lunch and then settles down to rest until about 2:30pm (daycare schedule).  Most days she does not nap. Which is fine cause she's easier to put to bed, but the trade-off is potentially more tantrums at night for us cause she is tired.
1:30pm - Pump again at work.  Hayden gets a bottle and some cereal to eat.
4pm - Daniel picks Hadleigh up from daycare, they come home, and Nene leaves for the day shortly after.  Daniel entertains girls until I get home.
5:15pm - I'm usually home give or take a few minutes.
5:30pm - Hayden usually starts rooting and whining for me to feed her - she's missed her mama!
We then hang out for a bit - play - watch some tv and relax
6-6:30pm - I make dinner while Daniel plays with the girls and keeps them entertained with a snack, getting juice...etc.
6:30-7pm - We eat.  Daniel or I feed Hayden her dinner which is either a vegetable or fruit.
7:30pm - Daniel and I give the girls their bath (this occurs every other night).  They get into their pjs and we wind down.
8:30pm - Hayden is usually ready for bed now so I feed her and we cuddle until she's asleep.
9pm - About the time Hadleigh will go to bed on a school night.  We aren't strict on the nights where she doesn't have school the next day.  Especially if she has napped that day - she's impossible to put to sleep.
10-10:30pm - I'm usually ready to go to sleep.  If Hadleigh is still up I take her with me to bed or all 3 of us will go to bed.  Daniel sometime stays up to work or watch a little bit of TV.
Then our day starts all over again!!

Saturday & Sunday Schedule
It's a lot more laid back!  
 8-9am - We roll out of bed.  The girls sleep in on the weekends until then, so it's good.  I'm usually up around 8, but some days I make it to 8:45 :)  I don't usually pump on the weekends unless Hayden doesn't eat much in the morning.  Then I'll have to pump once to relieve some of the milk build up.  Other than that she nurses whenever she's hungry.  Hadleigh's not a big breakfast eater ever, so we give her nutritional chocolate milk (breakfast essentials) and she's good to go until she wants a snack before lunch.
11:30-2pm - We will have lunch anywhere in between this time.  Like I said - laid back!
We pass the day by running errands, crafts sometimes, play room fun, outside play if it's nice and not too cold, maybe a fun activity planned, and sometimes we just veg out in front of the TV and read books and play in between.
5-7pm - Dinner somewhere in there.
9pm - Hayden will usually be asleep by now as she doesn't stay up late.  Hadleigh will be in bed no later than 11pm (and she usually isn't up this late, but it has happened before).

We definitely don't follow this to a "T" every day and some days we are more structured than others, but it works for us.  With 2 little ones you definitely are flexible!

Our schedules are definitely hectic, but we wouldn't change them for the world!

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