Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby Update

It's been a while! I'm 14 weeks as of Monday - WHEW! 2nd trimester here I come!  I'm so glad I'm through the first 13 weeks as my risk for miscarriage drops a lot.  I'm feeling pretty good.  I don't feel sick really anymore, but I still get tired easily.  
My 1st appointment was at 6 weeks which was just a regular check-up.  They did an ultrasound to "verify" I was pregnant I guess and took 8 viles (yes, I said EIGHT) of blood.  All blood work came back normal :)  Heart rate was at 120bpm.
Here's a picture of our little flutterbug at 6 weeks.  It's actually a pretty bad picture but you get the idea!
My next appointment was on 2/26 and that was a regular check-up as well.  We got to hear the heartbeat for the first time which was super cool.  Heart rate was 160bpm.  I was a little upset they weren't more thoughtful to let me listen for more than 10 seconds, but you live and learn.  Now I'll be more assertive and demanding :)  I haven't gained any weight yet which is good, and I haven't really started to show.  My pants are uncomfortable buttoned, but I use a hairtie to keep them opened a little.
Speaking of being demanding and assertive (hehe)...I really wanted another ultrasound.  I think it's INSANE we have to wait from 6-8 weeks until 20 weeks! That's so long!  So I called up and requested one - the only way I could get one and be covered by insurance was to opt to get the 1st trimester screening for down syndrome.  This does not matter to us, but it's a sneaky approach to see our baby again :) So, I had an appointment yesterday (3/19) at 13 weeks 4 days.  It was at a different office than I would normally go to since it was a special testing.  Let me tell you - I love this place!  It was so much more comfortable and you really felt like they take the time for you instead of rushing you out of the room.  We got to see our baby for 30 minutes while the tech rolled around my tummy - it was amazing!  Our baby was moving ALOT - and I have a tilted uterus, so at first it was difficult for the tech to get everything she needed, but she got used to it and got some great pictures!  Here's one Daniel took with his cell phone:
Such a huge difference from 6 weeks! It looks like a baby and that is actually in my tummy AND Daniel and I made this miracle! It's really an amazing thing <3  Based on my age and the ultrasound everything seems normal and "low risk" for down syndrome, but they also take some blood work which we'll get back within about a week.  We shall see.  Heart Rate was at 140bpm.  Based on the whole heartrate vs. boy/girl thing we're thinking it's a boy, but we still don't know and could be totally wrong come 20 weeks.  I made my 20 week appointment with this office instead of the regular office on 4/30 - I'm so much happier with this being where I get the ultrasound done.
Until next time...