Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hayden's 1/2 Birthday!

How does time go by so fast?!
Miss Hayden is already 6 months old.  Like her sister and her cousins – we threw a little ½ birthday party for her.  Nothing extravagant, just the immediate family over for dinner and cake.  I just ordered some pizza and picked up a red velvet cake from William’s Bakery.  Everything was delicious and all of the cousins had a good time playing in the play room and the empty kitchen cabinets.

Happiness & Eating
Hayden is really a very happy baby – smiles all the time.  Smiles when she wakes up to right before she goes to sleep.  Mommy, Daddy, and Hadleigh are definitely her favorite people.  She loves her grandparents and aunt/uncles, but when mommy, daddy, or Hadleigh are around – forget it.  I’m still nursing her, but she does get 2 bottles during the day while I’m at work.  I really think she drinks enough just to get by while I’m not there though.  My mom watched her one night and tried to give her a bottle before bed – wanted NO parts of it.  She currently eats cereal once a day and sometimes it’s mixed with some fruit.  And then I feed her a fruit or vegetable at dinner time.  She really likes vegetables a lot more than fruit right now.

She loves her jumper and sitting up.  She likes laying down fine, but fusses sometimes to be sitting up looking around.  She doesn’t want to miss anything!  She’s into everything – very hands-y.  She touches, grabs, swats at anything and everything if you have her in front of you.  Her legs are always moving as well.  She even loves standing up against things (with us helping her of course).  Not sure how much longer until she’s mobile – I have a feeling it’s not too far away.

Sibling Love
She thinks Hadleigh is hilarious – and Hadleigh thinks she’s hilarious.  It’s so fun to watch.  As corny as it sounds, it’s so heart-filling to watch them together. I really hope the love between them lasts and stays forever.

Sleeping & Teething
She goes to sleep just fine, although the last couple of nights she has woken up once or twice.  I’m hoping it’s her teeth.  She just went to the doctor earlier this week and the pediatrician thinks her front two top teeth are going to come in first, which is rare apparently. You can see them bulging through the gums, but nothing has cut through yet.  Only a matter of time!  When she is put to bed she loves: to nurse, have her back rubbed, have her head rubbed, and to be kissed gently on her forehead.  Daddy has it mastered as well J

6 Month Stats:
17 pounds 3 ounces 80%tile
26 ½ inches 90%tile
19 ¼ head circumference 95%tile

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