Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Day was a whirlwind!  The girls can sleep in - especially after a busy night and staying up late.  Of course, this is one morning when we didn't want Hadleigh to sleep in.  We ended up waking her up around 7:30.  She was a bit grumpy at first, and was quiet during the Christmas video, but she ended up waking/warming up.  She's NOT a morning gal :)  I think she was overwhelmed, but excited about the things that Santa brought.  Hayden of course, was just going with the flow.  At first we discussed with Santa that he would only bring Hayden a stocking since she's only 5 months and doesn't need much.  Santa ended up going overboard, for both girls - I wish that man listened ;)
Here's the set-up before the girls (and us) got into it all.
Part of Hayden's corner

Part of Hadleigh's corner

Hayden's on left, Hadleigh's on right, and things for both of them in middle

Of course, these are the only pictures I got of our house Christmas morning.  I did however get the video camera out, so that's a plus.  Next year I'll try to juggle the camera too! The girls got to play with their new toys for only about 30 minutes, before we had to get them ready to go to Gran & Gramps house.  We meet Kelli, Chey, and the boys up there for presents and breakfast Christmas morning. 
Santa brought Gramps and the kids a choo-choo train that even blows smoke.  You think Gramps liked what Santa brought??

We all really enjoyed the presents everyone got - and had fun watching them open the presents.

All of the kids:
Hadleigh 2.5 years

Hayden 5 months

Erik 4 years

Jaxson 20 months

After we all ate breakfast and played some more, we had to leave to go home and get ready for Daniel's parents house.  Every Christmas Day afternoon, the Rodriguez's get together.  More family and more food - tons of it!  The girls got spoiled some more - we have very generous families - each and every one of them <3  I didn't take too many pictures - I was too busy eating, talking, and holding the girls (they wouldn't let us put them down)
All the girls of the family

Hadleigh (looking thrilled) in her Christmas dress

We are so lucky to be able to spend the Christmas holiday with so many family members!  That's what it's all about!

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