Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NYE 2012 & goals for 2013

New Years Eve was very low-key around our house this year.  We both stayed in and just hung out with the girls.  Hayden actually went to bed kind of early, so I don't have any New Years pictures of her :(  (Sorry Hayden, this does NOT mean I love your sister more...ever)
Someone in our neighborhood was letting off fireworks, so Hadleigh and daddy stood at the window watching them for a little bit.  I was coming down the stairs from laying Hayden in her crib to "WOW, mama, LOOK!"

Hadleigh and I then painted our nails sparkly teal (be jealous) and went to make some brownies.  I had to stop Hadleigh cause all she was doing was eating the powder mix - evidence below.

Of course I let her lick the bowl, but she wasn't happy about me taking most of the mix away from her. Win some you lose some.

To say I actually rang in the new year would be a lie.  I fell asleep around 11, but got woken up by Hayden around 1am, so I got my new years kiss then.  I know I know, I'm soooo crazy!


I'm horrible about keeping whatever goals I think I'm going to achieve for the year.  Even if I write them down or put them on the blog (like here which was 2010 - nice! Excuse the pictures not loading, I lost all my old pictures and still in the process of going back and adding them...GRRR) I fail at reaching most if not all of them. Oh well. I definitely have some things in mind for this year, but don't hold me to them ;)

1.  Finish up this Kitchen Renovation - Details to come soon, but renovating sucks.  Especially when it's your kitchen.
2.  Get furniture for the sunken room /finish decorating that & the nook. Yep it's been sitting empty for almost a year.
3. Don't get Pregnant. This is a legit goal people.  I calculated that I've been pregnant (whether not knowingly or REALLY pregnant) throughout some part of the year since 2009.  2009!  Now, if I where to get pregnant, let's not mistake that I would welcome it and be thrilled for the miracle of another precious baby...after the initial shock.  I know how babies are made, but still.
4.  Renovate the office.  Daniel works from home and currently camps out of the couch.  He.Needs.An.Office.
5.  Make more time for Daniel and I.  I feel like everything I read says you should put your spouse first.  With 2 little ones, it's hard to do.  Especially when you love them too much and want to do everything and anything with/for them.  so on top of still doing all of that, we need to really make an effort for us and their sake.  Our relationship is awesome, but with the hustle and bustle of life and kids...you're quick to put it on the back burner.  We aren't sure how, but maybe we'll get some cool date night ideas and I'll post about them :)
6.  Soak every moment with the girls.  This is a given.  But recently I've come across random things on Facebook or another blog and it really hits hard.  Random things like people losing loved ones/kids or people who are stricken with illness.  I'm grateful everyday for my girls and cannot imagine life without them, so I'm going to soak.it.all.up.  We are going to go to the zoo, the aquarium, the beach, the children's museum, the park, to parties, to friend's houses, to family's houses.  My sister and I are even planning a Disney Trip for April/May of 2014 and we cannot wait!
7.  Pay my Credit Card off.  I don't have a huge amount of debt, but I hate that payment every month.  paying the minimum doesn't get me anywhere either.  2014 will hopefully be credit card debt free!
8.  Blog about some other topics that I care about.  I've thought about doing this, and I have a few times, but I hesitate a lot putting my thoughts and opinions out there 100%.  Maybe it's time...
9.  Most importantly Have fun everyday!

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