Monday, May 11, 2015

Harper's 1st Birthday

Harper Madden, I cannot believe you are already ONE!  You definitely complete our family and you are such a joy!  Our social baby for sure, she lights up the room with her smile, red hair, and laughs. 
I still mourn that you are the last baby in this family when I really sit down and think about it.  Physically, I know my body can’t handle another pregnancy, but you and you sisters are so amazing, that I think about another often.  Then there are days, when you are crawling around crazy, getting into everything, and your older sisters aren't listening and I think, “yep. I’m good with three!” Your sisters absolutely adore you and you adore them.  You already stand up for yourself when they take things from you.  That red hair stands true to that feisty personality you have! 
You’re sleeping better at night, but still wake up once.  You take 2 naps during the day, although only one of them I would consider a good nap.  When you are awake – you are 100% full force.  Crawling, climbing, throwing, laughing, pulling…anything and everything you can get your hands on.
You love food – any food at that really.  Yogurt is your favorite, but there isn't much you don’t like.  If someone is eating, you think you should be eating too.  I’ve pretty much started giving you anything and everything – peanut butter, jelly, olives, pickles, chicken, rice…anything!
1 year stats
Weight: 21 pounds 11 ounces (78 percentile)
Height: 30.25” (86 percentile)
Head: 18.75” (98 percentile)
 Your birthday party was so fun to plan and everyone had a great time.  You loved swinging, playing with your gifts, eating, and diving into your cupcake. 
 Birthday Party details:

On your actual birthday, our family went to a local diner and had dinner & ice cream to celebrate. 
 You are so loved!!
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