Friday, January 4, 2013

Santerre Family Christmas 2012

Christmas was fun, but very busy!  We had 6 different events (my moms side, Christmas Eve with Harris', Christmas Eve with Nene, Baba, & Steve, Christmas morning at our house, Christmas morning at Gran & Gramps, and then Christmas afternoon with Rodriguez's). Whew! I'm tired again listing it all!

The Saturday before Christmas we got together with my mom's side of the family.  It's fun and loud :)  This year there were lots of little ones running around, which was great.  The cousins were all talking about how that used to be us...and now most of us have kids!  We let all the littles open gifts and then the adults played our version of White Elephant which we call "Bad Santa".  It's fun, but I wish everyone brought a decent gift so everything was pretty good. Instead of you bringing a great gift and then leaving with a stuffed animal.  I think we're hosting next year, so I might just have to change up some rules ;) muahahah!

Hayden & I (wearing Hadleigh's tiara)
the crazy crowd! well, most of us...
daddy & Hadleigh
Hadleigh trying to put her tiara on Jaxson
Jaxson's trying to play ball instead
opening presents

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