Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nook Progress

Kitchen/Nook/Sunken Room Before - See here
Sunken Sitting Room Progress/Reveal - See here


I thought I was going to just do one post for the nook and kitchen reveal, but I decided to break it in two.  Lucky for you guys, you get to wait a little longer for the kitchen part.  Saving the best for last!

We actually didn’t do too much in the nook. Other than painting the walls gray (same as the sunken room), it was just art work, a new table cloth & rug, and upgraded stools.  Easy peasy.

So Here is a before picture:

Looking back at those yellow walls makes me cringe! Oh my! It looks so much better!

And the after: {My photography skills aren't the greatest, nor is my camera.  Here is my public apology for this entire blogs pictures.}

We love the way it turned out.  Looking at the after picture doesn't really give me a "WOW" factor.  It needs something else, I just don't know what.  Any ideas?!?! (Seriously, help me out here)
The rug is from Lowe's and the table cloth is from Target (where else?!).  We already had the stools from our first house, but they were black.  We had originally thought to paint them red, but once we had the kitchen painted, we wanted to bring in another accent color.  Enter Teal.  Love this color and I know it's trendy right now.  Daniel spray painted those suckers one night - and boom! There they sit looking lovely.

And just to give me the pleasure of "checking things off my list"....
I'm still in search for the perfect corner cabinet, which I'm starting to think doesn't exist! It may be years, but one day I will have corner cabinet pictures to show you!

  • Paint sunken room & nook gray
  • Paint kitchen walls red
  • New tile in kitchen
  • Paint kitchen cabinets white again (they're currently glossy and horrible)
  • Get new light fixtures for hallways, above the sink, and over the island
  • New Hardware for cabinets
  • Build cabinets beside fridge for a slide-out drawer trashcan & recycle
  • Decorative adds above cabinets
  • Wall-Art
  • Incorporate a chalkboard somewhere
  • TV for sunken room
  • Couch & Chair & side-table for sunken room
  • Bar/buffet for sunken room
  • Rug for sunken room
  • Art work/ decorative for nook & sunken room
  • Corner Cabinet for nook 
  • New stools for kitchen
  • Paint current black stools red and put them in nook for the other part of the counter


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