Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taking the Plunge…

I’ve been writing on this blog for a couple of years now.  I can’t believe I started it back in 2009!  I don’t think I started for any particular reason, other than to have a blog.  I really enjoyed reading blogs myself, so I thought “what the heck?!”  Since then, I’ve become a “Mrs.”, become a home-owner (x2), and become a mommy (x2)!   I still don’t think many people read this – other than the occasional traffic I might get from entering into a contest, But I’m hoping to change that!
Honestly, I really enjoy writing whether anyone reads these posts or not.  BUT…I guess I should let you guys at least have the chance to read if you’d like, right?!  So I’m finally starting to put this out there for others to see.  Learning how to gain traffic and followers all while re-vamping little things on my blog.
Now, I’m no web designer nor do I really find myself savvy on all the new social media icons or gadgets, but I can do a few things. Since I’ve gained the confidence of making my blog public (and making the decision of course), I have added some social media icons to the left of my posts.  There you will find my e-mail, a link to my Pinterest page, a link to my Facebook page (which is now updated to a blog page), link to follow me on Bloglovin, and a box to follow me by e-mail. 
Bear with me as I dive head first into the blogging world.  There’s so much to learn!! And on top of trying to teach myself, I’m working full-time, and mommying – whew!
Thank you for your patience and for reading!  Can’t wait to share in this journey!

p.s. If anyone goes back to read from 2009-2011 - my pictures are all missing.  This happened a few months ago, and I'm slowly trying to go back and re-add them.  #icouldhavescreamed


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