Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Day - Photo Dump

We didn't have any plans for St Patricks Day.  I really wanted to have plans, but it just didn't happen.  Daniel had class as it was an “on” weekend and then it was yucky outside.  Plus, I made an impromptu trip to KidMed on Saturday because Hayden’s eye was super red.  She had been stuffy/runny/congested (for the 100th time this winter) and her eye was watering a lot.  Well, her eye waters a lot normally, but it was gooky as well.  It became red on the outside, but I knew it wasn't pink eye.  I took her, and they put her on antibiotic to get rid of the infection – although they never said what it was.  They just knew it was infected because of it being red and puffy.  A day into the antibiotic, her eye wasn't red and it even helped her congestion! Woohoo!

So…I settled for a little photo shoot on the couch with our lucky charms.  I dressed Hayden in the same outfit Hadleigh wore for St. Patrick’s Day 2011 and Hadleigh wore a rainbow-ish shirt.  Those girls are so cute!   Enjoy!

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