Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunken Sitting Room Progress

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This renovation has taken so long.  We really didn't think it would take this long, considering we weren't tearing any walls down or anything. But, what do we know?! We are so close, I figured I owed an update.I still have to organize pictures from the kitchen and really decide how I want to update it, so I'm starting with our sunken sitting room.

The room really just needed some TLC and to get rid of that awful yellow!  Let's start with the before picture:

 Nothing to jump up and down about for sure.  We left it empty for over a year because we didn't exactly know what to do with it at first.  We thought rattan furniture would look great - and then call it our sun room.  But it didn't feel like a sun room to us,  We decided we would just treat it as another living room / sitting room.  Which works, because there's a direct line of sight from the kitchen into this room.  I know I'll love it even more when there's a TV hung on the wall and I can look into the room at the girls easily from the kitchen. 

Here is what it looks like today:  Still a work in progress!

We love it so far! First, a few close ups of the furniture:

We originally looked at Arhaus Furniture, and really loved a couch there.  We didn't want to cough up $2,000 just for the couch, so we continued to look.  The next day we happened to go to Rooms To-Go and found the exact same couch for about $800! Sold!  

We wanted a rug with a pattern, but we decided on something more neutral since the chairs have such a bold pattern in them.  We also knew we wanted to decorate with colors and trinkets, so going neutral was the best decision.  

We were lucky to find this gem.  It had all of the colors and the look we were going for in this room.  My hubby has a good eye :)

This is hanging on the wall next to the doors going onto our deck.  We have to find a few more trinkets to put on the shelves, but we're doing well! 3 days ago, this was empty!  We still have a side table and coffee table to get, as well as, a TV and some other decorative objects.  Stay tuned for the final result! {Hopefully it won't be too far down the road}

Couch & Chairs: Rooms To-Go
Rug: Lowe's $64
Buffet: Rooms To-Go but it was an old RoomStore piece
Lamps: Lowe's
Wooden Wall Cube: Arhaus Furniture
Trinkets in the Wall Cube: Stuff we already had/Hobby Lobby/Michaels

  • Paint sunken room & nook gray
  • Paint kitchen walls red
  • New tile in kitchen
  • Paint kitchen cabinets white again (they're currently glossy and horrible)
  • Get new light fixtures for hallways, above the sink, and over the island
  • New Hardware for cabinets
  • Build cabinets beside fridge for a slide-out drawer trashcan & recycle
  • Decorative adds above cabinets
  • Wall-Art
  • Incorporate a chalkboard somewhere
  • TV for sunken room
  • Couch & Chair & side-table for sunken room
  • Bar/buffet for sunken room
  • Rug for sunken room
  • Art work/ decorative for nook & sunken room
  • Corner Cabinet for nook
  • New stools for kitchen
  • Paint current black stools red and put them in nook for the other part of the counter

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