Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Morning Conversation

Conversation with Hadleigh this morning as I was trying to wake her to get her ready for school. She is not a morning person as I’ve said before…

Me: “Hadleigh, it’s time to wake up baby.  You’re gonna go to school today” (in a cheery voice to make getting up and going to school sound super fun)

Hadleigh: “No, mama.  I go to sleep.” (Since she loves going to sleep soo much at bedtime)

Me: “Come on.  Mama made you some chocolate milk and we can watch some TV after we get dressed.” (as I turn on a light)

Hadleigh: “No mama! No light!

Me: “Hadleigh, we have to get up.”

Hadleigh: “No, mama! You’re not listening to me! No light! I go back to sleep! Go away! Go to work!”

Yep. This is pretty much how every school morning goes these days. Love my stubborn little princess!

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