Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

I commonly read this blog and this blog - and by commonly I mean everyday (and everyday I check it several times a day) Shameless.

They came up with the Pinterest Challenge :  Read about Sherry's And Carmel's  And Sarah's  And last but not least, Katie's

I've read the posts, but never really thought that I would participate.  And I really didn't have any intentions on participating this time.  Daniel and I just happened to do a small project this past weekend where I had gotten the idea from pinterest.  So why not?!

My inspiration came from this picture on pinterest:

$4 ikea spice rack book shelves - behind the door...doesnt take up valuable space

We had been looking for a cute bookshelf for Hadleigh's room, and we had this one saved. I wasn't willing to spend $69!

Here's what we started out with.  They're from Michael's and they were $4 per crate.

We then used flat white spray paint and added a few girly details to them.  They were $1 from Michael's as well. The flowers came in a packet and the owls came in another.  This is our finished product and I absolutely love it!


  1. What a WONDERFUL idea! I too have my eye on one for my sister in law that is due in April; however, Pottery barn is my bookmarker & it's $124! Seeing has though I also want to FILL it with books, this could get pricey. You're project is my new inspiration so I can spend my money on the books! Thanks = )

    1. Thanks!! I figured there had to be a less expensive option out there -and it was so easy! Good Luck - you're sister-in-law will LOVE it!