Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Music to Hadleigh's Ears...


Hadleigh had to get tubes put in her ears on 11.20.12.  She's had constant fluid in her ears and then had an ear infection every couple of weeks for the past 2 months, so the doctor recommended it.  Cold season would only make thing worse if we left it alone.  She did really well!!  I was pretty nervous cause I knew a nurse was going to come take her, and then just thinking about her being confused and then put under...tough on a parent.  Daniel and I were shocked when the anesthesiologist (who was male!) came and got her....and she didn't cry!  She went right to him and they left the room. Shocked!  So because she did so well, mama didn't even cry.
The surgery literally took 10 minutes.  She was pretty fussy afterwards cause she was still out of it, but by the time we were half way home, she was back to herself.  The doctors said she would probably sleep for a while afterwards.....ha! She was wide awake as soon as we got home.
Here she is before surgery:

And after:

We're so happy our little girl did so well and are hoping it helps with the ear infections!

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