Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Family Days

Fall seems to have the BEST days to do fun things with the family.  One of the biggest reasons this is my favorite time of year!

A couple weeks ago, my moms side of the family all got together at a park in Ashland to celebrate my grandmothers soon-to-be 80th birthday.  It was nice for us to see eachother and get the kids together to run off some energy.  My cousin's wife Nikki , who is an awesome photographer, snapped some pictures of all of us.  I don't have any of those pictures, but I snapped a few myself.  I loved my camera when we first bought it 2 years ago, but now I sooo want a new one.  I need one where I can manually focus myself and be able to have different lenses on it.  Haven't done any research on what exactly I want yet, so we will see.  Gotta save up for that expense first! Nikki, I'll be hitting up your expertise when I go shopping :)

We also decided to go to the Graves Mountain Harvest Festival.  I had only been once before, but I wanted to go and start the tradition with the family.  Kelli, Chey, and the boys followed us up there and then we met up with Chey's sister Jessica and niece Audrinna.  The kids had a lot of fun and Hadleigh did really well with the crowds!
We stopped off at a vendor so we could let the kids make some sand art.  Hadleigh and Erik didn't want to put theirs down all day!

We walked through the rest of the vendors and decided it was time to eat.

Then we went and saw some animals, played in the hay stacks, and picked our own apples.  It was a beautiful day and I can't wait to go back next year and continue with the starting tradition!


  1. LOVE the picture of him throwing her in the air!! Adorable!

  2. Thanks!! I love it too - was pretty happy when I caught it!