Thursday, November 29, 2012

Trains Trains Trains

Or ChooChoo as Hadleigh would call them :)
We've seen a lot of trains recently.  First, we went to Ashland's Train Day which is held every year.  This was our first year, and Hadleigh seemed to enjoy herself.  Gran, Gramps, and Erik came to join in on all of the fun as well.  
Hadleigh and Erik rode with Gran on a small train they had for the kids.  The Arts & Activity Center was filled with model trains for the kids to look at.  Hadleigh always has fun with "Eek" is around :)
Waiting in line to ride the train

Then this past weekend, we saw that The Science Museum of Virginia was having a Model Train exhibit, so we decided to take Hadleigh.  It was nice, but it didn't hold her attention like we thought it would.  We ended up walking around the museum and she only liked the bug/reptile exhibit for a little bit.  In hindsight, we wish we would have spent our money and just taken her next door to the Children's Museum.  Next time.


M&M Train!
Hadleigh had more fun running around with daddy outside of the museum :)

Love this picture!

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