Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hadleigh's Room

Can I just say, how much fun it is to decorate a little girls room? it.is.so.fun :) 

We started off with a blank space since we moved into the house back in February, so we could really do anything.  I love the owl themed rooms, so we went with that.  Plus, we have an owl cookie jar in our kitchen and for a while Hadleigh would point at it and go "hoo hoo". That girl is cute.

Here are some before pictures:
taken from doorway
taken from corner above
looking at doorway
The 2 sets of doors to the left of the doorway is her closet space.  The door to the left of those goes into her (and Hayden's) playroom.

We did a lot in this room/bought new things because, well, we didn't have anything.
Painted walls Tinkerbell Green (the Disney line)
Furniture is from JC Penney - which was a nightmare.  We would order a set, they wouldn't tell us it was discontinued, so we would call to find out where the furniture was...oh yeah...We originally ordered in April and we didn't get all the furniture until July - ridiculous!
Clarification: Yes, that is a real carousel horse turned into a rocking horse - Hadleigh's grandparents got that for her last year :)
A lot of the wall art we did have.  Her letters that spells her name we just re-painted to match the new room.  We purchased the tree wall decal - it's stickers, ya'll! Genius idea, that person.
We purchased the rug from Wal-mart.com, which came from Wayfair.  Another nightmare.  They sent us the first rug with stains all over it.  Second one, we kept but that was after some Resolving stains on our part.
Bedding and valance are all from Target, of course.  I love the quilt look a lot better than the comforter - it looks a lot cleaner to me.

You might recognize the bookshelf in this picture from here
Which is above the bench featured in this post

We're happy to report, Hadleigh loves her room just as much as we do!

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