Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Short Pump Tree Lighting

This was a last minute plan.  I was looking through www.richmond.com and found that a mall close by was having a tree lighting and Santa.  We needed to start the Santa dialogue with Hadleigh, so she knows who Santa is..etc.  I called up Kristy to see if her family wanted to join - and they did!
It was insane and free, so everyone and their mother was there.  It made it hard to really enjoy because it was so crowded.  We know for next year to get there super early. They had a small parade with different characters and then Santa at the end.  Hadleigh looked at Santa, but was really more interested in being with Lily.

Afterwards, we all went to dinner together.  Hadleigh and Lily were SO CUTE together.  Kristy and I were talking about how much we love that they truly adore each other.  Here's a picture Kristy got of them waiting at the restaurant <3

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