Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Month 3 & 4 for Hayden

Whew! Time is flying and Hayden is growing
Here's her list for these 2 months:
She is such a happy baby - smiling all the time.
  Only cries when she gets super tired (or hungry, but we usually can tell so I feed her before fussing starts). 
She doesn't mind being held, but is very content sitting on her own.
She loves the kickin' coaster Kelli gave us since her boys aren't babies anymore (tear.)  She could kick in that thing for hours. She kicks and kicks and then falls asleep in that thing. (so funny cause Hadleigh did not like it at all)
When I lay her on the changing table - she's already grabbing at her legs.  She definitely knows they're there.  Only a matter of time until she gets those feet in her mouth!
She will roll from side to side, but hasn't fully rolled over yet.
She's great with tummy time - her head is super strong and she gets her chest off the floor.
I hold her on my hip most of the time now since her head is pretty stable.
She finally thinks Hadleigh is funny and loves when she talks to her - which is quite often.  Hadleigh likes that she smiles at her (
She smiles a lot for me, but she REALLY smiles for Daniel (daddysgirl)
She's still strictly breast fed, but I'm thinking about trying cereal this week.  I almost want to put it off cause I know it's just another step to her growing up (waahhhh)
She's still sleeping through the night and actually likes to be set down in her crib when she's getting tired.  She likes falling asleep on her own.  I can get her to fall asleep sometimes with me rocking her, but if she's restless I set her down in her crib.
I'm not sure her stats cause we haven't had her 4 month doctor appointment yet, but we will in mid December.

Pictures of our smiley girl!

3 month picture

4 month picture

4 month pic - I couldn't choose!

another :)

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