Friday, May 31, 2013

Cloth Diapering vs. Disposable {PFALO}

This is the start for me to participate in a series about Preparing for a Little One. Wifessionals has  been doing this series for 9 weeks now, and I wanted to join in!   I'll actually be one of the featured bloggers in the coming weeks, so I'm super excited! Check out other moms on this subject by heading over to her blog!

Preparing For A Little One

I use disposable diapers and I have for both of my girls.  It never crossed my mind to use anything else with Hadleigh.  I had so many other things to worry about doing, buying, getting, and learning that it really never came up on my radar.  I had heard a few things about it here and there, but I wasn't interested.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an opinion one way or the other.  I just didn't use cloth – lack of time, lack of knowledge, both? 

With Hayden, I actually strongly considered doing the cloth diapering.  I had read a couple things on it, but the thing that was making me consider it even more was that I was on the verge of potty training Hadleigh.  She had no interest what-so-ever, and one of the things I had read was that cloth diapering was good for helping toddlers potty train.  They feel the wetness a whole lot more with cloth versus disposable.  I guess I was thinking it would make the transition easier?  Needless to say, I didn’t go through with the cloth diapers.  In the end, I found it to be a daunting task.  You’re already changing so many diapers among all the other things that need to get done, with a toddler running around.  Disposables were just the way to go for our family.  In hind sight, toddlers are ready to potty train on their own time regardless of cloth or disposable diapers. 

With both girls, we didn't have issues with rashes or allergic reaction, so there wasn't a need to try different alternatives.  Now, I do have a huge opinion on the brand of disposable diapers :)  I hate Huggies.  They are stiff and don’t move as well as Pampers or Luvs.  I have even purchased the Target brand of diapers, but they don’t absorb the smell as well.  They absorb the liquid just fine, but the smell of pee was strong even after the littlest bit. 

My Pros to Disposable: 
You can stock up
You're not doing diaper laundry (you're already doing a ton with clothes!)
You can use a diaper Genie - easy clean up and your main trash doesn't smell like dirty diapers
Less stressful for other care-takers that might be watching your little one for you.  That would be a lot to ask my mother in-law everyday to deal with on top of watching my girls.

What have you used?  If disposable, do you lean to one brand?


  1. I have decided to go with disposables. I just think they will be so much easier to deal with than using cloth. I would be more likely to consider cloth if I could afford a diaper service. There is just something about putting dirty cloth diapers in the washing machine that I use for my regular clothes...even if I do clean the washer in between loads. It just seems like a waste of water too. I have been stocking up on Pampers Swaddlers and I came across some larger sizes of Luvs at Big Lots that were very inexpensive. I very much appreciate your opinion on the disposable vs cloth debate, and your recommendation on the brand of disposables that worked best. Hope you guys are having a wonderful start to your summer! ~Lizzie

    1. Thanks for reading and stopping by!! It's definitely a personal choice - if you are breast feeding the clean up would be a little easier on the cloth diapering. But I'm the same way, I'd probably hand wash or run a cycle of bleach afterwards juts to be sure :)

  2. My parents used cloth for both me and my brother because they didn't have much money, but being the difficult child I always had to be, I got rashes and had to use disposable. But I had no interest in potty training until my mom put a cloth diaper back on me and I spent one day walking around trying to pull it off and then I was potty trained lol!