Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photo Dump

So, Daniel took some photos of the girls and I on Mother’s Day…well tried to. It’s so hard to get them to sit still, look at the camera, actually look happy and/or content.   Here’s what the series looks like…

Arm chewing and picking at an ear - check!

They both look like they are trying to get away


Even better of the girls , but me? We won't even go there!

aww sad.

You have to be animated when you have kids!

I'm the only one in on this picture

Action shot of a tickle fest!

We thought maybe the sitting on each others laps would work...clearly it didn't

Whew! I’m exhausted looking back on it J It definitely takes a lot for us to get a good picture out of everyone – where everyone is looking at the camera.  I love all of these pictures for different reasons. Although we aren’t looking and smiling in the pictures, we had fun on this day and are living it up!