Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Sunday Funday

We had a pretty low-key weekend.  Daniel had class, so the girls and I usually just hang around and run some errands.  The local Greek Festival was this weekend, and I don’t usually miss it.  This year I missed it. Boo.  We just went to the Lebanese Festival a couple weeks ago, so we decided to fore go it.  Sunday, I wanted to do something fun with the girls, so Daniel put up their pool.

Hadleigh loved it. Hayden…not so much.  Which is weird, because Hayden loves bath time.  I had to get in there with her and the only way she wasn't crying, is if she was sitting in my lap. Silly girl.  Hadleigh had a blast sliding down the slide.  She started out with her two-piece bathing suit, which turned into just her wearing the bottoms, then her wearing nothing, to coming back out with underwear and swimming in that. She keeps us on our toes for sure!

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  1. That pool looks so cute! And your backyard is HUGE!!

    1. Thanks! That was one of the reasons we loved our house so much - for the kids and the dogs :)

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