Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Social

Best Summer memory as a kid?
In middle school and high school, I loved going to the beach.  Between my family vacation and friends vacations, some summers I'd be there for a month or more in total. Heaven. If only I could get away with doing that these days :)

Favorite summer drink?
Well, Sweet Tea any day but if it's really hot, I just want a big glass of water I can chug.  For an adult beverage - an ice cold beer or chilled wine.

Favorite Summer TV show?

I don't watch anything on TV when it is actually on.  I always DVR shows.  I don't have a very sophisticated list either, but the things I watch are: Revolution, Teen Mom, Married to Jonas, Duck Dynasty, other than those shows - I'm watching Disney Jr or ESPN.

Best outdoor summer activity?

Laying out! I love getting sun.  Being at the pool, river, or beach laying around, playing with the kids in the water. Doesn't get better than that.

Summer vacation essentials?

a nice hat, flip-flops, bathing suit cover-up, snacks, cold beverages, and good company. Done.

Sunday Social

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