Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Cara Box

I’m so excited to write this post about my May Cara Box partners!  To read more about how to sign-up and what exactly a Cara Box is go here.

This month I sent to Brittany who originally is from Virginia (yay!), but is now in Texas.  She loves true crime, running, and is super sweet.  Go check her out here.

My other partner was Jenny.  She’s a nanny, so naturally is amazing with kids.  She also runs and lives in Georgia.  I love a fellow Southerner J Go check her out here!  She went above and beyond for this month’s Cara Box – I’m loving everything! 

Hair clips for the girls – They are flowers & ladybugs and SO CUTE.  Both girls have worn them already.
Bubbles for the girls – Hadleigh & Hayden both have played with them.  Hadleigh actually had me outside minutes after I opened my box!
Reusable Water Bottle – She knew I wanted to get back into working out, so this was perfect!
Candles – They were packaged in mason jars. Southern. I love it.

Basket – cute basket filled with journal, recipe cards, a pen, and an “e” stamp. All great!


  1. What a great box!! Love yours!

    1. She did a great job - I've had great partners ;)