Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keeping up with Kaitlyn

Today I’d like to introduce you to my blog “big” Kaitlyn at Keeping up with Kaitlyn.  She’s been so helpful with all my questions I have for her concerning anything and everything! This blog world is so exciting, but a bit intimidating and she has been great!  Meet Kaitlyn:

Hi everyone! My name is Kaitlyn and I blog over at Keeping up with Kaitlyn. I just graduated college (YAY!!) and have moved back home. I plan to go back to school to get my nursing degree. I blog about my everyday musings as I try to find my place in this world!

Just me at Disney World, wearing a tutu! NBD
Today I'm sharing with you FIVE FUN FACTS!

1// I was born on Christmas Eve and the nursing brought me to my mom's room in a stocking (after having a little bath) and I use it still to this day as my stocking on Christmas morning!

2// I'm a pretty indecisive person. For example, I'll walk around a store with a clothing item debating whether to get it or not, while I look around at everything else and end up putting it away in the end because I can't decide.

3// I don't like tomatoes, but I do LOVE ketchup, salsa and spaghetti sauce. Anyone else like this?

4// I never played an organized sport, but I did horseback ride and do ballet throughout my childhood.

At a horse show in 2008 

Throwback to my senior solo dance in 2009

5// I switched my major twice during college (biology to international affairs) and now I'm returning to school to get a bachelors in nursing. Told you I was indecisive!

Thanks for letting me take over your blog today Erin!

We are both the indecisive type J  Don’t forget to Check out her blog and read all about her life as a new graduate! Congrats Kaitlyn!