Monday, May 6, 2013

May is for Moms - An Interview with Myself {Link-up}

I should have linked up yesterday, but I was so busy hanging out with the girls and getting ready for my work trip.  Here’s to hoping Wednesday evening gets here super fast so I can go get kisses from all three of my loves!

I saw this link up and I thought it was a neat series to be a part of.  Stay tuned for the next two weeks to see an interview with my mom (hey mom! I’ll be asking you some questions soon!) and an interview with Hadleigh (we’ll see how that goes!)

First up is me J Let’s do this!

Before you ever even had children, how did you feel about being a mother?
I have always wanted to be a mother.  I have always gravitated towards babies and little kids. I loved helping and babysitting whenever I could.  I just knew in my heart r

Since becoming a mother, what is something that has happened that you never thought would?
I never thought I would have as much mommy guilt as I do.  I never thought I could love two little girls so.freaking.much. I never thought a 2.5 year old could be so funny.  I could go on and on….and on.

Is being a mother less difficult, more difficult or exactly how difficult you imagined?
I’m not sure I really knew what to expect beforehand.  You hear stories about it being hard, but you don’t pay attention or really know until you live it.  There are times when I feel I’m rocking it and other times I feel like I’ll never get things right.

What is your fondest memory of being a mother (so far)?
I have to choose one?! There’s no way I can choose just one – or one for each daughter for that matter!  I’ll pick one for each, but it’s definitely not the only!
Hadleigh – When she says “I wuv you mommy” or (ok I lied I can’t stop) the time I was putting make-up on in the car and she goes “mommy, you putting make-up on?” I said “yes, baby” then she says “you’re so pretty”
Hayden – She just started saying mama yesterday and in the right context. I had her sitting on the floor and she wanted to be picked up by me, so she started saying/whining “mama, mama” It’s great hearing those words for the first time. Then of course I love how much love she has for her big sister already.

If your children only learn one life lesson from you, what do you hope it is?
These are tough!  That they are strong & beautiful & capable of anything.  It’s a scary world (am I 40?!) out there and girls are so hard on each other, so I’m really trying to let them know how beautiful they are and how strong and capable they are of anything. 

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