Monday, April 22, 2013

Outside Shenanigans

This is kind of a weekend recap…sorta.  Last weekend and this past weekend were really nice here in Virginia, so we took advantage and got the girls outside.  It’s a nice change since it has been cold.  Anything to get that energy redirected! Whew!
Last weekend we took them to Wayside Park again (you can see another trip here).  We stopped at Subway before we went to get some lunch so we could have a little picnic.  Daniel and I ended up eating in turns because Hadleigh wanted no parts of sitting still. Imagine that?  Hayden was having fun looking around and picking at the grass around her.

We also got to play just in our own yard.  Hadleigh was very vocal about needing to wash her car, so we got out the sponges and water bucket and let her go at it!  I’m thinking she definitely has her daddy’s cleaning genes. Hayden and I hung out and waited for her to finish and then we went to a nice walk – only to come back and play some more outside.

This past weekend Daniel wasn't feeling well, so I took the girls to another park down the street from us called Three Lakes Park.  It has a small nature center, playground, and…wait for it...3 lakes!  Kristy and her two girls, Lily & Bo, came and met us there.  We all saw the fish, turtles, snakes, and bugs before heading outside to play on the multiple play areas they had.  Lily & Hadleigh love getting to play with each other – I’m sure sometime soon Bo & Hayden will be playing too J We will be going back for sure!

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