Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Daniel had class this weekend, so the girls and I went into Ashland for the day on Saturday.  My Aunt was in from out of town, so we went to my parents early to hang out.  That evening more family and friends showed up to celebrate Kelli & Chey before they move to Charleston, SC on Wednesday.  Craziness! 

Hadleigh had such a fun time running around with the boys, while Hayden hung out with mama.  Hayden didn’t want anything to do with anyone else other than Daniel or I.  Mom & Kelli were able to hold her for a little bit, but not for long.  I love being loved, don’t get me wrong, but it would be nice {just a little} if my daughter could be held by someone else for longer than a couple of seconds.  I know she’s at the age where anxiety kicks in, but she’s always been like this.  Attached. So I’ll soak it up cause I know I’ll blink and she will be almost 3 and running around not paying any attention to me.

Hayden and Hadleigh had too much to do and look at that no naps were had on Saturday.  Hayden didn't even nap but for 30 minutes!  So, Sunday rolled around and they were both up by 7:30am.  WHAT?! I thought for sure they would sleep in after their busy Saturday. Nope. And boy were they grouches!  So we stayed around the house all day – which was best for everyone!

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