Friday, April 5, 2013

Hadleigh's Haircut - forreal this time!

Here Is Hadleigh’s first haircut – which was really a trim of her bangs, but first nonetheless.

I took her again this past weekend because her hair is always in her face, and it wasn't even in length.  

She absolutely loves the doctor, so to set her up for success to the haircut - I told her we were going to the "hair doctor".  She loved the idea.  She even asked "she gonna check my ears?".  I told her that the hair doctor was going to cut her hair for her and that she wouldn't need to check her ears. :)

When it was her turn, she ran right to the chair and hopped in.  She was really excited and did so well!  I swear, put the word doctor on any title and the girl is an angel.  Maybe I should use it more often? She sat still for about 15 minutes while her hair got trimmed and she even got some side bangs going on.  My baby is growing up!




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