Friday, April 26, 2013


High Five 4 Friday

  1.    We will be spending a lot of time with these boys this weekend.  It’s Kelli’s (my sister) fam’s LAST weekend here in Virginia.  Hasn't hit me yet – it will definitely be weird not having them 15 minutes away.  The boys & girls are going to miss each other so much!

2.    Guillaume Lorentz. DO I need to say more?! I just stumbled across this video this week (from a friend on Facebook) and I’m obsessed.  Is it scary that in my head I totally think I could dance like that? Haha.

3.   Josh Kelley & Katherine Heigl & daughter Naleigh – cutest family ever. Another video I stumbled across this week is this one.  And again, I’ve had it on repeat this week at work. So sweet - not only the song, but the video too.

  4.   Hayden is the big 9 months this week! (as of 4/24) I cannot believe it!  Her 9 month post will be up in a few days J She is getting so big!

I know that's only 4 for this week, but that's all I got!

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