Thursday, March 22, 2012

Picnic & Wayside Park

Last Saturday was really nice, so we decided to take Hadleigh to Wayside Park right down the road from our new house. I packed up some lunch for all three (well....four) of us and we headed to the park. It was big - with lots of open grass, a big playground for the kids, and several picnic tables. The Hanover Veterans Memorial is actually housed there as well. I had packed a blanket, so we sat on the grass and ate our lunch. Hadleigh actually ate her lunch without getting preoccupied by the playground and other kids running around.

After we finished eating, we let her loose in the playground. She loved running around pointing at everything. She went down the slides a few times, but she definitely gravitates to the swings. She loves them. We can't wait to get a playground in our new backyard for her to enjoy this Spring and Summer.

Yes, I decided to sneak in a peak of the baby bump :) There won't be too many more of those posted!

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