Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ashland Christmas Parade

Our first Christmas Parade with Hadleigh and Hayden!!  I was really excited to take them cause I knew they would have a great time.  We met up with Gran & Gramps and then headed over to Kristy & Michael's.  We knew the girls would have even more fun seeing it together.  Hadleigh & Lily were so excited to see eachother and held hands walking down the street to the parade <3
We got our seats and waited for it to start.  Hadleigh was very timid during the parade - lots of people, loud cars, loud noises - so she was glued to Gran's lap, my lap, and Gramps' lap.  Lily and her got excited at the end when Santa showed up!  Hayden & Bo pretty much slept through the parade, but they got some play time in afterwards :)

The end ofthe parade! Santa!

Back at The Hessler's :)

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