Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chevron Accent Wall {How-To}

Our weekend wasn't extravagant, but it was definitely productive!  We've been in our house almost a year and a half and Daniel’s home office has sat empty.  He works from home, so we knew it was next on our list after we finished the kitchen.  He really needs (and deserves) a nice place to work especially since he currently is working on the couch in our sitting room.  J
Here is what we started with:  

We wanted to do something fun on one of the walls, just to bring some contrast to the room.  Chevron immediately came to mind when we decided to do some sort of pattern.  We had NO clue where to start, so we googled.  We watched a few videos to get an idea of how to start, and then rolled with it.

You’ll need:
Measuring Tape
Frog Tape or Painters Tape

First, we measured the wall horizontally.  Ours measured 185.  Then, we divided that by 2 to get 92.5 -make a chalk mark at the 92.5.  Then we decided that we wanted our “boxes” to be about 8.5 inches tall  & wide.  I don’t really remember how we came up with that number (oops), but I think it was because it covered the area above the window.  We knew that small area would be the more difficult to tape through.  From the mark at 92.5”, we made a mark every 8.5”.  After we did the right side, we did the exact same thing on the left.  Then we drew the lines from the marks with a level (vertical lines). 
Then measure the wall vertically.  Divide by 2 and make a mark in the middle of the wall.  From there, every 8.5” we made marks with the chalk and then drew the lines (using a level) going horizontally across the wall. WHEW!  This is what we ended up with: That’s a pretty impressive grid huh?!

Time to tape!  We used frog tape, to see what it was all about.  Let me tell you, we loved it!  We decided we were going to tape at every horizontal line and I was going to make the zigzags every 2 boxes. For example, I started, went down and over 2 boxes and then took it back up and over 2 boxes.  Repeat all the way across your wall. For every.single.line. you made J I told ya’ll it was tedious!

From here, things were a little easier!  We picked every other section to paint the lighter color brown/tan.  Once finished we removed the tape.  Here you will still see some of the chalk marks we made that were hiding underneath the tape.  It wipes right off with a wet paper towel.

I promised you guys a picture less chalk marks.

Stay tuned to see how we decorate the room! We are ordering furniture tonight.  Daniel might have to share this little home office once we’re finished cause I’m starting to get attached.

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  1. love this tutorial! The wall looks AMAZING!!!

  2. looks amazing! Worth all the time and effort I'm sure it took!
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

    1. Thanks!! Can't wait to check your blog out! Xoxo

  3. Wow it looks awesome Erin! Times like these I'm jealous you have the help of your hubs (; although I might ring t's neck if he were to help! It looks do great! Please share what paint colors you went with! You should share this diy on artsychicksrule.com linkup today!!
    Xoxo friend :)

    1. Aww! Daniel probably has more of a decorating gene than me! ;) you're rocking it on your own and I'm sure T helps in other ways! We actually went with Valspar this time - we usually go straight to Behr. We loved it so much more- better coverage for sure. The brown is "humboldt earth" and the chevron stripes is "universal umber". Xoxo

  4. Love the chevron! You make painting look easy. I'll have to let the hubs look at this and see if we can manage something like this. I am a new follower and I look forward to reading more through your blog. Feel free to stop by my blog at www.southernnewlywed22.blogspot.com and say hello sometime. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! It was pretty easy once you got the hang of it! xoxo