Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Low Country

I haven’t been posting much, I know! I’ve gone out of town the past 3 weekends, but now things are slowing down, so back to the posting routine (just in case, ya’ll were wondering)

This past weekend was fun and anxiety filled for us!  Daniel, the girls, and I headed to Charleston, South Carolina on Thursday afternoon to go visit my sister, brother in-law, and nephews.  They moved there back in May, so this was our first time seeing their new house and town.  We were all excited to see them and to explore Charleston for the first time!
We were on the road pretty much all day.  We stopped and got a late lunch / early dinner and then stopped again at South of the Border.  Bathroom breaks, photo ops, and some browsing were a must.

We got to my sister’s around 9:30, but we went to sleep not long after we got there. We were tired from the long drive especially Daniel - because this is what most of the way looked like:
 The girls did great though.  We actually switched Hayden’s seat forward facing, so her and Hadleigh could both watch movies on the way down.  It was worth it.  Although not recommended by doctors…I wouldn't have done the trip any other way!  She loved sitting like a big girl and watching movies with her big sister.  Both girls only slept about an hour the entire way down, but did great (no fussing!).
We took our time getting motivated in the morning.  The kids were having fun playing with each other and we weren't in any rush.  We then headed to the South Carolina Aquarium.  The kids had fun looking at all of the fish, birds, lemurs, turtles, sharks, and alligators. Hadleigh had a fall while we were there and it ended up being pretty dramatic. She got a pretty nice laceration on her head which got us an ambulance ride to the children’s ER. She did great – it probably took more of a toll on daddy and I. She loves doctors, so she didn't really cry when we were there. End result was 3 stitches. I know this probably won’t be the last of cuts and bruises in our future, but for my heart and sanity – I hope they are few and far between! There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain. We are very thankful that it wasn't worse. We got back home around 8pm and we were all worn out form our eventful day!
Hadleigh woke up with lots of energy, so she immediately was ready to play with her cousins.  I think she’s even more obsessed with playing doctor now. J  We headed out to downtown Charleston to have some yummy lunch before we walked around.  We ate at Southend Brewery & Smokehouse which was delicious.  Daniel and I both got a cup of their She Crab Soup (if it’s on the menu, we’re getting it).  It was so good!  Then Daniel got the shrimp & grits and then I got the butternut squash ravioli.  Both were great.  After lunch we walked over to the water to see Fort Sumter and some boats, browsed through the farmer’s market, and then King Street.  The kids were troopers since it was a lot of walking and it was hot.  We treated them to some candy from the local candy shop, so they were all happy.  That night we just watched movies and ordered pizza.
We headed home – and the girls pretty much slept the entire way.  I think they were pooped from their weekend with their cousins!

We can’t wait to visit again and maybe experience some Charleston beaches J

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  1. Hi! Im just stopping over from the link party. I went to Charleston last summer and...
    1. Remember passing South of the Border on our way down. How crazy is that place?!
    2. We also ate at the brewery you mentioned. I can't for the life of me remember what I had but it was delish!
    3. We also went in July and it was sooooo hot!
    So much fun and great food in that city.



    1. We can't wait to head back - it's nice having a place to stay when we go too :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! You look beautiful as always ;)
    xoxo friend!