Monday, July 29, 2013

Hayden is 12 months! {7.24.13}

This year flew by! I cannot believe Hayden is ONE!  I know every parent says that, but it’s true.

 Doctor Stats: {TBD – we haven’t had our appointment yet}
Weight: 20 pounds
Height: ??
Head: ??

Hayden is still co-sleeping.  I started to put her in her crib for about a week, and she did fairly well.  But she would wake up at 2 or even before, and wake up every time I tried to set her back in there. So…I caved and she’s back in our bed.  I’m totally consistent! Ha!  If she’s in our bed, she sleeps great.  She may wake up once on a regular night.  If she’s not feeling well or teething, she will wake up several times.  I’m not sure how we’re going to tackle moving her to the crib, and honestly I’m not in a rush (on most days).  One day she will rather sleep in her own bed, but there are some days where it would be nice if she fell asleep in her crib.

She’s crawling everywhere still.  She will walk along furniture and stand on her own, but isn't confident enough yet to take any steps.  She’s a climber, so she keeps us on our toes often!  She likes to climb up and down from the chairs and then she likes to stand in them as well.  We tell her “no”, but she gives us this look like she is so proud, and then will finally sit down.  She has NO fear, so we will have our work cut out for us.

Hayden is a great eater!  She will eat pretty much anything you put in front of her.  If you’re eating it, she wants it.  She’s starting to like bigger pieces – I usually break things up into small pieces, but she would rather have them unbroken to take bites.  I’m not comfortable enough with that yet, so we are still cutting things up for her.  We’re crossing our fingers she doesn't become as picky as her big sister!

She loves the water and like I said before, is fearless.  Yesterday, she was in a baby pool and fell over.  We sat her back up, and she went on about her business playing with a smile.  It didn't deter her at all. She loves anything her big sister is doing as well.  We constantly are working on “sharing” in our house, but Hayden is already sticking up for herself!  She has a good grip on the things she plays with and Hadleigh & her end up having a tug of war contest. J  Although very busy, she loves to cuddle.  I love this about both of my girls.  Hayden loves her mama and dada, so if we are around, she doesn't usually want business with anyone else. 

She loves music.  We sing nursery rhymes because Hadleigh likes to sing them too.  Well, we started to sing “Ba Ba Black Sheep” and Hayden will immediately start “singing” as well.  She has the “Ba Ba” part down.  Then it’s just babbling loudly with you while you’re singing. It’s the cutest!

I can’t wait to see her personality grow more and more!

She says “Ba” for lots of things – bippy (paci)/she wants to nurse/and just babbles “ba”

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  1. Getting through the first year is just as much a celebration for mommy and daddy as it is for her so congrats! My oldest is 16 months and it seemed to be like as soon as she turned 1 she started to grow up so fast!

    1. Thank you! Time flies! Even more so when you have more!